02 December 2012

Barn Sale

Girl 2 and I had some time to ourselves recently and headed out the door, jumped in the car, and drove down a dirt road to go to an advertised Barn Sale.  I was full of excitement for what that little barn in the bush might hold and I wasn't disappointed.

When we pulled up outside the given address, I even found the barn to be enticing.  Just imagine what fun could be had if we had a barn like that to play and craft in.  And just have a look at the beautifully peaceful view.  *Sigh*

Inside were goodies in every direction I looked!  Some I wanted to bring home, others were fun just to look at.  A little corner of kitsch Australiana, tall and slender coffee pots, some earthy '80's ware which was all too familiar ...

... and there was one item that simply jumped out at me, wanting and needing to be taken home (with the perfect place already in mind).  Fortunately I had a little bit of pocket money with me, and we beamed, did Girl 2 and I, as we skipped out of that barn and home to put our new-old globe on top of the piano.

It had to be really, didn't it?  Look at that lovely teal colour!!  You know how much I love teal.  I think globes could become a serious collector's item in this house (this is the second globe we have now) as I simply adore them, for their roundness, for their colours, for their dream potential, for their learning.  And a centrepiece on a table - gorgeous!
Photo by Natasha www.beautifullysuddenly.blogspot.com.au, via Pinterest
And now to Reverb 12 and today's question :  What was your most significant expenditure in 2012?

That's an easy one!  Our piano.  We had such fun all year saving up as a family for this major purchase.  And we love it.  We all have a bit of a play, by ourselves or crazy duets.  Next year we may consider lessons, but at the moment it is all about the fun of it, and having music *of a different kind* fill the house.  And I'm finding the joy of playing far more than I ever did as a child.
What about you, what was your most significant expenditure?
Do you have a love of old globes too?



  1. That was some treasure trove at the barn sale. needless to say I probably have come out with a lot more things!
    I think that our best buy of the year was a new car for me. Finally I decided that I could get rid of the big family car that ate up petrol and bought a small little 'puddle Jumper'. The kids dont need the big car seats anymore and I don't need a massive boot for buggies. Celebrate!

  2. You're right Trudy, it is a wonderful barn and you could put it to all sorts of uses if you had one........
    Wish I lived closer, looks like there were lots of wonderful things for sale.
    We used to have a globe when I was young, never particularly liked it back then....but your 'new' find is wonderful, great colours......
    Our most significant expenditure this year is also a car like OMT above. My little 15yo Toyota found a new home and I now have a zippy new car with lots of buttons to push and new technology to confuse me, hehe.....
    Alot cooler here today, so much more enjoyable than the last week. Enjoy your weekend,

    CLaire :}

  3. Awesome find Trudy!!! I love globes too but have yet to but one :( so great your spending was a piano! I love playing the piano it's something I think that can really bring the family together!! Hannah xx

  4. I'm not much different than the others above really as our big purchase was also a newer car finally. We pretty much trashed our old bucket. The poor old thing had gone through two young ones with food and drink spills and the occasional vomit, it was also like driving in an Arabian tent as the fabric roof sagged, the light was the only thing that kept it up. Ha! Needless to say our new car is delightful.

    I also love globes but as yet have not come across any. I think I would have grabbed that lovely green trolley actually, I probably would have spent a fortune there.

  5. Love your globe, and your advent calendar! Our biggest purchase this year has been our lovely, lovely tent! My eldest wanted to know why we don't go on all the five star holidays her friends do, I said it was because we have our own five star tent! Not sure she was that happy with the answer! :)

  6. The barn sale looked good, I don't really think we have those here. I do like globes and maps. I am a traveller in my heart! My big purchase also was a newer car. It's diesiel and it really does save money on petrol, if that's possible! have a good week Heather x

  7. This year we had solar hot water installed. We are eager to see if the bill will be zero (for hot water) as we turned off the switch that automatically uses the power in case there's not enough sun but we never ran out (seeing there is just the two of us now)But my brother (who is a meter reader) said they may charge you rent on still having the meter there, he said it used to be about $10 but could be more now. You just can't win. Will let you know! Had solar panels put in last year, which was great....Denise. :)

  8. That barn sale looks tempting - I am so glad you bought the globe, it does look perfect on your piano. I too love globes, for all the reasons you listed. I also love huge world maps and find them very aesthetically pleasing.

    I think a piano is an excellent use of money. I thought our biggest spend was our summer holiday but actually, it was a new sofa. Not very exciting but very comfortable. x

  9. The barn sale looked a fantastic treasure trove, and I think you did well with your globe purchase! I think our biggest purchase this year was our summer holiday to Canada - well it was our biggest holiday ever, with lots and lots of fabulous memories (all documented on my blog). Jilly

  10. How so lucky to attend a barn sale....envious indeed.
    The piano is the one instrument we don't have in our house unless you include a keybaord....have fun exploring your new purchase.


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