01 December 2012

Reverb 12

See the new logo off to the right, on my sidebar?  And above, obviously!  I'm taking part in a new-to-me challenge called Reverb 12, hosted by the lovely Kat at I Saw You Dancing (the very same Kat who hosted Blogtoberfest 12).

This is a gentler and more introspective challenge, no compulsion to blog every day, and who could anyway at this busy time of year?  There will be daily reflective prompts in the form of questions, with Reverb 12 being all about saying goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013!
December is the perfect time to reflect on the year as it comes to its end, to celebrate the successes, honour the challenges and plant the seeds for a gorgeously brilliant 2013.  Are you keen to join in too?  Pop over to Kat's blog and read all about it.

But before you go, this is today's question :  How are you starting this last month of 2012?

I'm starting this month with lists, both written and in my head.  I feel there is so much to do, so much to organise, so much to clean, to prepare, to wrap, to post, to cook.  I suppose you could say I'm feeling just a tad overwhelmed.  I wish I didn't feel this way, I wish I could just relax into this end of the year, but I love everything to be just perfect for Christmastime.

How are you starting December?
Be kind to yourself.



  1. Hmm I think I feel a lot like you Trudy - overwhelmed is the word! I'm doing a craft fair next weekend and I need to make stock for it, and there are presents to buy and the whole house to tidy and organise so that we can fit new toys in - out house is tiny and bursting at the seams! I hope you feel calmer in a few days when you've managed to tick a few things off your lists. Take care! Rachel x

  2. Hello trudy, will hop over and have a look, sounds good.....
    I am feeling quite optamistic and chrismassy, looking forward to having my boy home and trying not to have a Christmas meltdown this year!! tomorrow i'm off to a garage sale, so starting with a rummage! hope you will find peace and serenity.... xx off to bed now nite nite :-) x

  3. Oh you have inspired me Trudy!!! I have signed up myself and am excited to get into it! I just love Decemeber (as I just blogged about on my own blog) and this has just added to my excitement! I think I am about to burst!

  4. Well I am starting this Monday, with going to visit a best friend and teaching her to make mini christmas puddings in a frypan for her family Christmas... and then come home and made 80 more plum puddings for Christmas Day for those people that have no family to spend Christmas with...It is a lot of fun...

  5. Hi Trudy, reverb sounds interesting, I will have a look. Maybe you could make a master plan list for christmas, you know what to do and when! and then get it out every year!! I'm sure you will get the important things done. Not really sure how I'm entering december yet. I will try and be open to good things. November was actually quite a struggle here, grey wet days amongst other things, and I think a sensitive time of year. Anyway roll on December, Heather x

  6. I started it with rituals - advent calendars, xmas films, making chutney...then I went out last night for early xmas drinks and I am paying for it this morning. Ouch my head. x


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