28 December 2012

A Hearty Artichoke or Two

Hello.  Hope you've had a peaceful Christmas and now have some time for putting your feet up and relaxing.  If giving roses is a symbol of love and irises a symbol of friendship then what do you think giving a bunch of artichokes means?  Whatever it is, it has given me a fabulous photo opportunity!  So here you have some artichokes in amongst my next set of Reverb 12 questions and answers.  Do ponder some of these questions.

What's on your dream list?
This is an easy question with lots of answers ... where to begin?  I'd love to live in a rambling, old farmhouse on a few acres of land.  I'd love to visit Italy.  I'd love to lose 20 kilos!!  I'd love to master the art of my soldering iron.  I'd love to travel through Cornwall in a caravan.  I'd love to learn Italian.  It's so lovely to have dreams, and one that came true this year was to have a piano in the house, and next year I will begin lessons again.

Your greatest gift received and given?
Let's just think about Christmas here, as it's uppermost in my mind ... the look of joy on the faces of my girls as they rushed into the sitting room Christmas morning, and the antique metronome that now sits on top of our piano, but hasn't improved my playing just yet!  I'm hoping the greatest gift I gave was bringing my family together for our big Christmas Dinner earlier in December.

What will you let go of?  Excuses/stories you tell yourself that are holding you back?
Doubt, lack of focus, and lack of time are excuses I'd like to let go of, but whether I do or not is another story!  They're big ones really and if they hit me all at once I wouldn't achieve anything.  To have written them down, to have read over them and put them *out there* for all to see, might go somewhere towards an acknowledgement of those thoughts I tell myself and may help to squash them.

Your most important habit?
I'd really, really, really like to think that I will form the habit of walking in 2013.  I'd really, really, really like to believe that I will do this.  I'd really, really, really like to look back on this at the end of the year with a smug, self-satisfied grin on my face and say ... "Well look at you girl, you did it!!"

How will you tend to your vulnerabilities?
Over to you ... 

How will you make time?
I will find a little piece of old, faded linen, hand stitch some numbers on it and a couple of wonky hands to show my favourite time of day, add some pretty touches Julie Arkell-style, make it into a watch that I can wear around my wrist so that every time I look at it I will have plenty of time left in my day to do whatever I wish!

How will you honour your creativity in 2013?
I will keep saying "it's okay".  The bath needs scrubbing, the windows need washing, the children need feeding!!! but I've just got this fabulous idea for a new project and I need to jot it down, do a couple of sketches, pull out some fabric and throw some colours together.  The bath, the windows, the children (hmm, maybe not the children) can wait, " it's okay", "it's okay".

Are you thinking about your plans for next year?  How you might do things differently?


  1. I'm loving these posts! I'm very reflective at the moment, but I've learnt not to think too much or too far ahead! I've learnt so much over the last few years, my biggest lesson is to take each day at a time and grab the opportunities as they arise! :) x

  2. I'm not one to do much reflection. I usually take it as it comes and deal with it or let it go. I've been very lucky that I don't worry a lot about things I can't do anything about. There are two things I want to try to accomplish in the new year: 1) I want to try very, very hard to do random acts of kindness. I think I will be much happier if I'm trying to make someone's life a little bit better, and 2) I really need to start walking and get this weight off. We'll see. I want to be around for my grandchildren as they grow.


  3. I like this... I like getting to know you better. I would like to walk more as well, I mean all I have to do is get up and walk out the door and walk. Walk. Walk. I would lose so much weight and be so much healthier for it... I'd love to learn French, so interesting that you want to learn Italian!

  4. Hi Trudy, I like your dream list, I'm sure you could do all those things, they could all be possible couldn't they?!....also like your idea of the watch!...as for the Italian,book the evening class today!! good post, I'll have to think about mine. I feel pulled in lots of different directions. I keep thinking I will need to choose one instead, in order to stay focussed, but I would like to believe that I could pick the whole thing up like threads and follow those together! Heather x

  5. Your lovely photographs, make realise that on my list I would like to put improve my photography. My current method seems to be, take a lot of photos, and hopefully one will be good.

  6. Love those artichokes! They have the most amazing shape.

    I have been thinking about new years resolutions. They need to be do-able or what is the point? I will stop reading magazines in bed at night and read books instead! And I will knit and crochet from patterns not from half baked ideas in my head.x

  7. Hey Trudy, enjoyed reading your answers to the questions, rather thought provoking.

    I love your idea of making time Julie Arkell style....her work is fabulous and I love her 'watches'.
    Also would like to think that I would get into the habit of walking too, i need to shift a bit of weight as well.......
    I've had ago at learning Italian and loved it, although all those rules, hmmm. but I do love speaking it and adding an accent!!
    My dreams....I would love to visit England again, living there for 12 months would be the ultimate, but that's a BIG dream. Oh and I would like to get my sewing room sorted once and for all and make it the creative place I dreamed of, rather than the room I store my sewing stuff in.
    The new year, has snuck up on me too, better get my head around my plans so that I have a better chance of fulfilling them.
    I hope some of your dreams come true for you and have a wonderful year too.
    I always enjoy reading your posts and finding out what's going on in your neck of the woods, it's been lovely to 'meet' you in blogland.

    Claire X


  8. I love your answer to the issue of not enough time Trudy ... a Julie Arkell style watch, what could be better!

    I have to ask, do you know the Goon's sketch What's time is it Eccles? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tjHlFPTwVk in case you don't. Enjoy :D

    Incredible images!


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