15 November 2012

The Best Bits

the best bits
of today
in between the less interesting bits
that we don't even need to mention
admiring a bouquet of basil from a dear friend
each time I walked by I put my nose right into that basil
strategically photographed to not include unrenovated bits
new sheet music
from a much-loved movie
wanting to master it immediately, or even sooner
realising it will take longer than that
magazines ready for a long, leisurely read
do you like having them there, ready for the right moment?
like a gift, unopened
fabric begging to be sewn
dusted the machine off, and hit the pedal
filled the bobbin three times
now only six seams to go
and it's a quilt top
the best bits, without the other bits
how was your day?


  1. As we say here in Ireland, 'Savage Day' for you. love the fabric for the quilt top. The colours are fantastic.

  2. Envious now off that fabric you are using, you have such a good eye for colour combos, envious again...the thought of quilting excites me and frightens me at the same time, i would so love to make my own quilt but havent the faintest idea how!...
    ..Wish you were round the corner so i could pop round and ask for your help.....
    And pride and prejudice with Kiera Knightly is one of my favourite films, i think i must of watched it a good hundred times,, in fact i had it on today while i was busy sewing.

  3. We are such kindred spirits! Your piano is exactly the same as ours - exactly the same maker's mark - and I have that very same book of music - and I too thought it would be a whizz to play because the music in that favrouite film is so whispy and dreamy and it was so much trickier than I though! And I have that very magazine on my bedside table- the English Country Living - the only magazine I have consistently bought for 20 years. And my day had some VERY unnteresting bits that needed ignoring - and I should have sat down to that beautiful pile of fabric and stitched because it would have made me feel oh so much better :-) Enjoy a lovely day today dear Trudy! I wish you much success with your piano practice - open your window and I'll open mine and perhaps I'll catch a note as it floats by :-)

  4. Hi Trudy , I absolutely adore the colours your using in your new quilt top!!!!
    Have a lovely weekend Tracy

  5. Your new quilt is looking gorgeous!

  6. Love this, I have very similar best bits!

  7. I can't believe how quickly you can sew a quilt top! I would still be thinking about it. It's going to be so pretty. Sounds like a good day. x

  8. Basil bouquet, I will have to try that one! The your quilt! I have to flick through magazines immediately, suss out what I want to read first but then I can wait until I've got a few moments! Have a great weekend! :)

  9. What lovely things. Your piano looks so pretty - hope you master the music quickly. xxx

  10. did you just start another quilt?! or was this a wip....come on own up. I am like that with de-cluttering at the moment. Start one place, end up some where else! enjoy your nice things, Heather x


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