18 November 2012

A Finished Quilt Top

Hello.  Hope you've had a happy weekend.  I had the chance of finishing off the quilt top I showed you the other day.  This one I'm calling Fairlie Quilt, as we believe 'Fairlie' is the name of our house.  There are some differing views in the historical records, but I think we'll stick to this name.

My list of finished quilt tops is now a staggering five, but I'm happy to have them to this stage rather than in piles everywhere of cut-out pieces, which run the risk of getting mixed up.  These fabrics were almost all chosen at the same time, especially to be made into a quilt, which is such a luxury, and lots of fun.  My Dad had given me a voucher last year (thanks Dad!), and I had immediately started cutting it, working out the layout, and sewing together two of the seven strips, and then it had sat ... I get distracted easily, but now it's done!

Today I had a couple of little helpers hold the quilt so I could get a photo to share with you.  So we have peeking over the top ...

and toes poking out the bottom!!

On Friday I was in Melbourne and took the opportunity of making a final visit to my absolute favourite fabric store, Patchwork on Central Park. It is going out of the business of selling fabric as it can no longer compete with online prices from the States.  I am so very disappointed and sad that it will no longer exist as it has for all these years.  It has been such a wonderful, wonderful place to get lost in gorgeous fabric and an endless supply of creative ideas, to chat to staff and customers about quilting or life, and to have someone work out exactly how much backing fabric is needed (something I still can't get my head around).  And nothing beats running your fingers over a bolt of fabric as you're deciding on which one you would like.  Or pulling out five or six different fabrics to see how well they go together.

So I made my final ever purchases from this store, the backing and binding for the Fairlie quilt.  Light, bright, quirky and sweet.  I love it.

Do you have a favourite fabric store?
Are you heartbroken when independent stores close their doors?



  1. i love Fairlie... love the colour mix...love the green nail polish...

  2. Love your quilt, it is gorgeous. You may be interested to know that Fairlie is also the name of a small town not far from me here on the west coast of Scotland!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. lovely quilt, well done! The backing is sweet too. Shame about the shop. These sweet indulgences are needed now and again. You will have to find a new one. I used to drive to go a lot to a department store called John Lewis, I don't know if you have that over there. They always had a great material and craft section, oh and a nice coffee shop, and the customer was always right, you know, that kind of shop! Heather x

  4. There is something really restful about this quilt ... it looks like it would be perfect to snuggle up under for a snooze.

    Here there would be no competition from US stores, import value added tax and the fee the Post Office charges for collecting it make goods from anywhere other than the European Union stupidly expensive to buy online. I curse that that's so but I can see the benefit when another blogger laments another closing yarn or fabric store.

  5. Wow your quilt is beautiful. It will be much loved I'm sure.
    Nothing beats going into a fabric shop and the personal touch with the staff, you a quite right on that. Unfortunately the closest one to me is at least a few hours away on bad roads. So I do have to rely on the internet a lot. Which is never the same.
    Hope you get lots of joy and snuggles out of your quilt.

  6. That is an AMAZING quilt, the kids toes are cute too :)
    I'm sorry your favorite store closed down.. But you did get some gorgeous fabric!

  7. It is beautiful. The colour palate is soothing and restful and that backing fabric will be gorgeous.

    We don't have a really good local fabric store here, sadly. But I love the haberdashery section in John Lewis (huge and excellent department store chain we have in the UK) and often buy fabric from there. x

  8. Great job on the quilt top Trudy.......love that you gave it a name too. Fairlie is such a lovely name for your house and quilt.
    The colours do look very restful as Annie mentioned.
    Great backing fabric choice too.
    So sad when shops close, but it must be hard trying to compete with online sales.
    Nothing compares to seeing the fabric in person and getting a feel for the quality and as you say
    putting different fabrics together so you can see how they look.
    Love the green toe nail polish too......

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend,

    CLaire x

  9. Huh! Patchwork on Central closing? I did a class there way back when it first opened - it was fantastic - a pickle dish taught my Judy who's now at Amitie. It was a beautiful store then - had a wonderful energy and joy and light but I have to confess, since returning to Melbourne I haven't found it to be so. Their prices are very high - compared to other local quilt shops such as Amitie and Gail B - and they seemed to have lost their mojo. I always spread my quilting dollars around (being sensitive to the local vs. internet issues after working in a bookstore that eventually had to close down), but after paying $7 more per metre for the same fabric there that I could have brough from Amitie, I have to confess to giving Central Park a miss when I'm in the market for some beautiful cloth. When they first opened, they used to hang exquisite quilts in their windows - so many occasions when Julian had to remind me to put eyes on the road as I was driving him past to work but in the last couple of years - and I drive past 2 or 3 times a week - it seems to me they've changed their windows less then 5 times and I can't remember the last time they hung a beautifully made quilt. Nevertheless, I do feel sorry that we're losing another small, local enterprise. And you certainly have gorgeous fabric for your backing! Have a lovely Monday!

  10. eee! sorry for the typos - that would BY Judy and BOUGHT from Amitie

  11. Hello Trudy, what a beautiful blog you have...your quilts are also beautiful! will look forward to reading more x
    Sophie xx

  12. Your quilt is lovely, the colours work so well together - such a simple idea but so effective. I have 3-4 'favourite' stores that I go to for material - they all seem to carry different stock which is great. All the staff are so friendly and really helpful. I would be really upset too if anyone of them closed, I like to go and see and feel the material before I buy.


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