06 November 2012

Roses, Jugs and a new Hexagon

Thought I'd share with you some rosy posy photos from our garden, and front fence.  They are simply gorgeous at the moment and I keep wanting to capture them on my camera and push my face into them and inhale deeply ... ahhh bliss.

Don't ask me what they're called - apart from roses!  I refer to them as the red one, the apricot one, the yellow one etc. If anyone would like to enlighten me, I'd be happy.

And because I've been getting some gentle nudging, I've finished another hexagon.  The countdown is on.  Only sixteen to go.  I thought this one looked like it would complement my collection of windowsill jugs.
And now for some feet up time, with my crochet.


  1. lovely roses, it's nice to see the different seasons around the world isn't it? well done for sticking with the hexagons, determined lady! Heather x

  2. I'm soooo tempted to have a go at that hexagon patchwork, it looks lovely! Must get on with my crochet and Christmassy projects first though!
    Angie x

  3. Is that what you call a mug rug? I love it, I so wish I could sew!

    1. No, not a mug rug, Tammy!! It's one hexagon of 104 I'm making for a quilt : -) As I'm nearing the end I'm posting them as I finish!!! Not hard at all, just hugely time consuming.

  4. Jugs!!! LOVE them! I have a collection of windowsill jugs too! In fact 2, one lot on my lounge windowsill and one lot in the kitchen!
    The patchwork is gorgeous too :)
    Karen x

  5. My collection of jugs seems to grow every week! What is it about them? :)

  6. Wow, those roses are gorgeous! And the jugs are jolly smart too. I just picked up a big Woods Beryl Ware jug, exactly like one my Mum used for the milk when I was growing up.

  7. I really love popping into your blog because it is so bright and colourful. It's perfect escapism from the horrrible Irish winter.

  8. Well done for another hexagon finished... Look forward to seeing the next one...

  9. Your roses are beautiful Trudy, what a stunning display.......and I love your collection of jugs. That hexie fits in beautifully .......
    I picked 4 bunches of Roses on monday to save them from being spoiled in Tuesdays' rain.
    A lovely time of year.......

    CLaire :]


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