04 November 2012

Market Season

The Sun God was smiling down upon us today, for the first market of the season.  Tourists rumbled into town, stall holders unloaded their wares and locals headed with speed to the footy ground with baskets to fill.  No longer being Cub Scout parents, we were free to join the throng rather than 'man' the sausage sizzle.  First stop, the Poffertjes stand.

There were choices to be made at the plant stall and home we came with pumpkin, tomato, zucchini, parsley and broccoli.  Our little veggie garden will soon be bursting forth, and we're already dreaming about the meals we'll have!

Always something to inspire.  Lots of lovely craft.  These mosaics for the garden caught my eye, so bright and cheery.

Want to see what I spent my pocket money on?  Some stunning buttons that I couldn't resist even though I don't have a definite plan for them, and some gorgeous paper garlands and cake toppers.

Beautiful sunny day.  Beautiful spot for a market.  Nice to spend time wandering around chatting to people we know, chatting to stall holders.

Do you love markets too?
What do you like to bring home with you?


  1. Wish we had markets like that near me here in Scotland!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. We don't get markets as good as that, sadly. I had to look up poffertjes - never seen them before. They sound delicious! x

  3. Those lollipop mosaics are really good, looks like a fun day out! :)

  4. Do I like markets? Heck yes!! hehe.......

    Looks like a wonderful day Trudy and your buttons are stunning.
    Do we ever need to have a project in mind when we see something we like.....no way!!
    Love the snippet of mosaic vanity unit I spied......gorgeous colours and the bunting is great too.
    So much inspiration around you.
    It's a great time of year, warmer weather brings on the gardening bug!!

    I have never tried poffertjes, though I often see them at the market. I always have an egg and bacon roll and a coffee. That's my breakfast and then I'm not allowed to spend anything until I sell something, but a plant or two and some beautiful photographs on cards usually find their way into my basket.......

    Claire :}

  5. Sounds like a fun day, Trudy, love the buttons
    Angie x

  6. I can' t go past a market and I always seem to find something to bring home, wether it's plants, food or some handmade item. The buttons are so pretty and could be made into brooches or hair clips even. Hope you find the perfect use for them.

  7. I'm heading over to Munich and Salzburg for the Christmas market. They are magical. And I'm terrible because I always want to buy all that I see. But cant carry it all home on the plane. Boo hoo! In salzburg the choir comes out and sings carols on the steps of the Cathedral and there is always a beautiful smell of sweet toasted almonds. In Munich there are several artists markets and a really cool medieval market well off the beaten track. I tend to stay away from the touristy ones because they are too tacky. But I cant wait to go. So excited.

    1. Enough already, you're making me very jealous!!!! (Have fun!!)

  8. mmmmm... poffertjes.

    Denise :)

  9. There are lots of talented people that sell their wares at these markets... But oh the poffertjes and real maple syrup are the best...

  10. Just found your blog, tis a lovely blog.
    Like the map garland idea, hope my OH doesn't notice when I steal all his old maps tomorrow!
    Emma. X


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