21 November 2012

Made in a Day

Do you ever have those days when you want to put aside all your major craft projects to start something brand, spanking new?  You know that you have a gazillion hours left to finish on each and every one, so you want to choose new fabric or wool, or paper and start playing.  You want to sit down and go through the entire process in one day, and at the end have a finished product.  Do you have these days?  It's not just me being fickle, is it?

Sometimes it doesn't matter what it is.  It's simply the newness and the satifsfaction of creating something in a small space of time.  Well that hit me today!  What to make?  I found inspiration on my Pinterest boards from creative people such as Julie Arkell, Cathy Cullis, Jessie Chorley and Rebecca Sower.  Absolutely adore these gorgeous creative women.

I gathered some wrinkly linen, old doileys, buttons and thread and started sewing it all together.  This red button didn't make the distance, although it looks rather pretty here.  Any clues as to what I'm making?

Blue button instead of the red.  It's so much fun, just doing exactly what I want.  This stitch here, a running thread of red there.  One more photo, then I'll tell you what it is, or have you guessed already?

It's a cuff.  For around a wrist!  Purely decorative and fun.  To make a statement, of the Granny Chic kind.  Bit tricky to photograph without my wrist in it, but you'll just have to visualise how fun it looks!!

Okay, I'm happy now.  I have had a play today and thoroughly enjoyed the process.  I've started something, designed it, tweaked it, finished it ready to wear, and now I'm ready to get back into my long-haul projects.
Bye for now!


  1. I love it, I'm finding it really hard at the moment to concentrate on anything for more than 1/2 hour at the moment, can't seem to finish anything!!! :)

  2. *haha* I'm the opposite. If a project is fast to make, it really needs to be fast. Even a pillow-case does take too long for me than. On the other side I'm really patient when it comes to tedious work like my Granny Patches ;-)

  3. Trudy the cuff you have made is just adorable, i really love it, what a great idea for presents too. I like to do this too sometimes, just leave all the endless on going projects and just do something completly random and have it finished in a day...very satisfying......xx

  4. Oh yes! yes! yes! I love starting a new project - and always think it will be super fast and finished before the multitude of other projects lying around the house in states of unfinishedness! Sometimes it does :-) Your cuff is gorgeous - totally granny chic!

  5. It's really, really lovely. Very granny chic. I thought at first you were making a Christmas stocking but a cuff if much more fun - you get to wear it all year round, for starters. x

  6. This is awesome Trudy!!! I have days like this all the time, it is so nice to see a project finished!

  7. From the first two pics, I never guessed that it would be a wonderful cuff Trudy.
    Love all the elements, vintage buttons, doilies, frayed edges, red stitching......all favourites in my book.
    I adore Julie Arkell's work, Cathy Cullis's work inspired me years ago to do what I now do and I love Jessie Chorley too. I'm not as familiar with Rebecca Sower but soon will be....

    Have to admit, I can always find something else to do instead of what I should be doing. I just 'need' to get an idea out there before I get serious with my 'to do ' list. It's a personality disorder I have been living with all my life and I have learnt to accept it's part of who I am. Obviously it's not as rare as I thought, hehe.....

    Claire :}

    P.S. I think your cuff has got me started on another little project, doh!!

  8. Haha, I guessed correctly. It's lovely :D


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