22 November 2012

A Little Gift Idea

Is two a collection?  The beginning of a collection, yes, with the potential to grow into a collection, but two?  Not sure.  I have two yellow rice canisters from the 1950s - 60s.  Especially adore the rounded one at the front, such a lovely shape.  I'm always on the lookout for them, but they are often found in sets, but just occasionally you may find one lonely, little rice canister.


But I don't keep rice in them as was originally intended, nor do I keep them in the kitchen.  Is that what you thought?  No, I keep my ribbon stash in them!  R for ribbon.  Which is leading me, very slowly you must be thinking, to my little gift idea for a crafty friend.  This is easy, quick and good for popping in with something else perhaps.  All you need is wooden dolly pegs, ribbon and a pin, voila!!

Meet Felicity, Harriet and Margaret, who once they were spruced up wanted a bit of a photo shoot and were not satisfied with the mere backdrop of the rice canister.  "But it's ribbon, you love ribbon, you drape yourself in ribbon!!"  They stood firm, or should I say, lolled around requesting champagne and hors d'oeuvres.
I wouldn't say they were cheap, I can hear the outcry already, but they are definitely fun and worthy of giving away!
Cheers, Trudy


  1. Love the colour of the storage tubs.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. *lol* Before reading I though "oh these pegs look like dolls with the ribbon draped around" and then I read your comments.

    The canisters look fantastic. It is for this kind of stuff that I sometimes wish to live in the 50ies (on the other side I think I'd go mad with the role women had back then...)

  3. that is such a marvellous idea! I love it - and will definitely be including some in Abby's christmas present - I'm giving her a set of those little wooden Ikea drawers that set on top of a desk - and each drawer will have something for her sewing and I shall paint them to look like ... the tardis! Thankyou for the gorgeous ribbony idea!

  4. R is for Ribbon not rice....love it.
    Those cannisters are wonderful Trudy..... and the dolly pegs what a fab idea.
    Am loving that doggy ribbon. I have a tin full of ribbons that could do with tidying up!!

    CLaire x

  5. Great idea, I would love one of those in my Christmas stocking! :)

  6. Your rice, eh sorry ribbon, canisters are fantastic. I can really see what you like so much about them. I love that kind of really buttery yellow. I think that's what makes lemon
    bonbons so appealing to me. Well that and the yumminess of them!

  7. That is a lovely idea! I really like the rice canisters - the retro shade of yellow is perfect, so sunny. x

  8. The canisters are very covet-able ... I don't think I've seen anything quite like them before! And the three little ribbon ladies are so clever :D

  9. What a lovely sunny shade of yellow your canisters are. What a great idea for the dolly pegs. Very cute!

  10. Love those gals!!!! Perfect for a swap gift or just a little gift to someone.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  11. Thank you for all your lovely comments, both about the ribbon *gals* and the canisters! I've since seen an idea to use the wooden dolly pegs as thread storage too, which would be fun!!

  12. I hope 'miss peg', was on hand to give constructive advice where needed in the peg making process...if not, then i shall be having words with her as she is supposed to be helping out as opposed to laying about....

    ps....i now have a mission, when out thrifting to look out for 'rice cannisters' for you, if i find one i shall send it your way.

    hugs hugs me. x


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