23 October 2012

The Simple Things

sitting in the car while it's raining
a letter from a friend
stepping out on a dry bathmat

clouds in a blue sky
a smile from a complete stranger
the smell of coffee

clean sheets
collecting shells on the beach
a good book
small fingers holding hands

it's nice to reflect on the simple things
and slow down the pace sometimes
What are your simple things that make your heart sing?


  1. All of the above!
    Curled up in front of the fire
    Sitting in the garden - just sitting quietly doing nothing!
    Sharing a good bottle of wine with someone you love
    Three cats on my lap, all purring loudly

    Hmmm, just realised all of these seem to involve sitting!
    Angie x

  2. lovely post, I think I need a few more moments like this, because I can't think of any thing to add! Oh dear....!Heather x

  3. Great pictures and beautiful words. When I check on my kids before I go to bed and they may sleepily open their eyes a little, smile at me and tell me that they love me before rolling over and going back to sleep. This is what totally melts my heart.

  4. I've always loved water-washed stones... not sure why. Maybe the feel, together with the knowledge that they are so old and formed by great forces - including the water.

  5. What a beautiful post, food for thought!

  6. Such a beautiful post! It's like a poem. To all of the above, I would add fresh cut flowers from the garden, a new magazine, a new ball of yarn, the pop of a wine cork leaving the bottle, but most of all the kisses and cuddles and chatter of my two small people. x


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