24 October 2012

The Beginning of Something

The very beginning.
The start.
The let's not get too excited just yet part.

Basil and strawberries.
And lots of gentle whispering, grow, grow.
Only a week left of Blogtober!!


  1. it always seems so strange that as you are heading into spring/summer we here are heading into autumn/winter. One thing I enjoy about reading blogs is that when I need a little sunshine I can visit anywhere in the world! I'm enjoying reading your Blogtober posts.

  2. Nice start Trudy, I love growing stuff to eat, I'm sure you will be hooked as soon as you have your first pesto with home grown basil and your first strawberries straight from the garden, nothing better!! Happy growing! Julie :)

  3. How wonderful! I started out with just basil in a pot. Now I have three veggie patches with everything from onions to gooseberries, carrots to beetroots, and silverbeet to tomatoes. I never thought I had a green thumb. But once you learn something with gardening you build on that knowledge and keep wanting to learn more.

    I have been whispering rain, rain! :)

  4. Yes get excited! Strawberries are delicious, hope you have a great growing season! Ada :)

  5. what a great raised bed you have there, happy growing season! Heather x

  6. Oh yum...very satisfying growing your own little fresh produce. Good luck.xx


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