06 October 2012

Haiku etc.

the back was not shown
however did I miss it
horses running fast
A friend asked me what fabric I used on the back of my dolly quilt and I'm really surprised that I forgot to show you, because it is such a quirky piece of fabric and I knew immediately that this was what I wanted.  I purchased it especially for the dolly quilt, a piece just the right size.  How zany is it?  A horse race!!
Can you imagine how it fits well with the colours of the front?
I really, really love choosing fabric.  It's definitely one of the best bits of making a quilt.  Some people are scared off by it, but I relish in the throwing of fabrics together bit.  Thought I'd share with you a couple of hints and tips I've picked up when choosing backing fabric, so here goes :
It's on the back, so why not make it fun, a surprise even and not a fabric that necessarily matches in every way to your top.  I love this idea!  Every backing fabric I choose now has a slight surprise element to it and no more labouring over perfect colour choices.
If you've found a backing fabric you love, but don't have enough, use what you have and patch the rest, in fact make a feature of the patching.  Good use of stash fabrics too.
When starting out on hand-quilting choose a "busy" fabric on the back and your stitches won't be as noticeable.  Very good tip, who wants to see shabby stitches all over the back of your quilt?!!
Example of patched backing, in this case because I couldn't afford all stripes!
Can I share with you what I've just been playing with on Adobe Photoshop?  Colour variations for my Tri-Coloured Dolly Quilt, not that I ever need to make another one like it, all that applique, yikes!  But just in case ... (or "just in cases" if you adore the movie "Love Actually" as much as I do and quote from it!!)
Fun, eh?  Have a fabulously, colourful weekend!!
Seeya tomorrow.  This Blogtoberfest could do me in!!


  1. Lovely, I so want to try hand quilting, and Love Actually is totally my favourite film x

  2. Hi Trudy, Just think there is only 24 Days 15 Hours and 32 Minutes of Blogtoberfest left... You have done a great job so far... Look forward to read what you have been up to...

  3. Hey Trudy, I'm hearing you on Blogtoberfest, only 5 day in and I'm already scratching for something to write about! Love that playing on Photoshop, must have a look at that myself, and nice fabric on the back of the quilt, backs are often neglected I think, so well done!, have a great weekend, Julie :)

  4. I love the twist to you quilt, perfect! Ada :)

  5. I like Love Actually too. Sometimes its quite good to have a bit of a blub.

  6. You are so right, the backing fabric is really important. I backed the only quilt I've ever made in a plain blue sheet in a money saving endeavour and have regretted it ever since! The racing horses fabric is fabulous. x


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