02 October 2012


It's all about blogging every day for the entire month of October.  And you know how I like a bit of a challenge!!  Thought it might be fun to see if I can do it.
Kat is hosting this year and you can read up about it and find some new blogging friends over at her blog, I Saw You Dancing.  Perhaps you would like to join in the fun too?  It's not too late to join, in fact you can join in any time during the month.  And each day there will be hints and tips for what to blog about, if you want to, no pressure there at all, just friendly advice.
Kat has suggested that you may like to set an intention for the month.  I've sat with this thought for a while.  Do I want to set an intention?  What could it be?  Shall I simply blog every day without an intention?  And then slowly I wondered if my intention could be for me to share a little bit more of me?!  Always a bit of a toughy for me, because I am quite a private person.  Let's see how we go, no promises : -)
So, for starters I thought I should introduce myself.  Properly, you know?  I've been blogging since December last year and this is the first photo of me I've put on my blog.  Me, that you can actually see.  This photo was taken in New York City on my 50th birthday last October.  Yes October is my birthday month and yes, I'm 50 and I'm starting to go grey (very clear in this photo, they're the wiry hairs being a little bit crazy)!!

See ya tomorrow : -)


  1. Nice to 'meet' you in the flesh Trudy! (well you know what I mean, a photo is the next best thing!), Blogtober should be fun, but I must admit I am feeling the pressure coming up with a post every day! Have a great day! Julie :)

    1. just got my post up at 9.27pm! Haven't fallen off the wagon just yet!! haha :)

  2. Hey Trudy, yes so much fun getting to know a bit more about you......

    Nice pic and New York for your 50th, that must've been wonderful.
    All the best with Blogtoberfest, I'm not joining in but playing catchup after being away.
    I'll be back to find out more, hehe........

    Claire :}

  3. Looking forward to finding out more about you! Ada :)

  4. Nice to meet you. Have to tell you we are exactly the same age. Half the time I forget, and when I do remember I'm 50 I think how on earth did that happen. I think the best blogs have a little bit of personal stuff, but also hold back a bit i.e not every holiday photo, but that is just my opinion.

  5. Nice to meet you, I am new to your blog and looking forward to Blogtoberfest as being a great opportunity to get to know you a little better. :)

  6. oh hello you, nice to meet you! Happy birthday for the up and coming one. Where or what will your treat be this time I wonder...Heather x

  7. Hello, how nice to meet you! It's so scary putting that first photo of yourself up on the blog. Well done for doing it. I don't think I could commit to daily blogging - every other day would be the most I could manage! x

  8. Nice to meet you Trudy! I think I would like to spend my 50th birthday somewhere special. Actually any day in NYC would be fine by me. Best of luck with Blogtoberfest.

  9. You don't look a day over 50, we look very similar that must mean I am not over 50 yet... All the best for the daily blog...

  10. Hi Trudy, from your newest follower and fellow Blogtoberfester, Joy from UK. Looking forward to seeing your posts each day,

  11. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I am wondering if you live near me? Yarra Valley? Anyhow, I am 31 and going grey too. I used to hate it until my husband said one day it can be my crown of glory. Now it ain't so bad!


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