31 October 2012

Last Day of Blogtoberfest


Well, not all, not all.  Just that's all for Blogtoberfest this year.  And apart from those five days in the wilds of Tasmania where I was disconnected from the world, it's been blogging every day here in the month of October and I must say it's been a bit tricky some days to think of something to say!  Thanks so much for supporting me on my Blogtoberfest journey.

And now I'm going to take my little flower barrow, put my feet up and see you in a few days once I've recovered from Blogtoberfest!!
Enjoy your day.


  1. Whew! You did it! Better blogger than I am! You've earned a rest, pop your feet up! Ada :)

  2. Hey Trudy, cattle prod!!!!!


  3. Well I have enjoyed all your posts! Enjoy your well-earned rest. x

  4. Definitely deserve a break from tip tapping out another post for a little while Trudy.......

    Welcome to November.....

    CLaire :}

  5. Wow, you did much better than I did, I ran out of posts, clearly I need some more inspiration! Sx


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