30 October 2012

D-D E D G F, D-D E D G F

Hello!  What a grand day to be having a birthday!!  The sky is the most wonderful shade of blue, the sun is belting out some heat, the little Spring birdies are busily chirping and I'm being treated like a Princess.  You gotta love birthdays!!

It started when I heard the tinkling on the piano this morning, D-D E D G F, D-D E D G F and was woken from a deep sleep.  Then a sensational breakfast tray festooned (what a great word!) with an entire branch of our flowering apple blossom, and roses and little cocktail umbrellas stuck into pretty bowls of strawberries and fresh pineapple.

Some beautifully hand chosen pressies from my girls, were opened.  Gorgeous, they know me so well.

And from my husband a beautiful red teacup, which I've already had a lovely cup of Chai tea in, some chocolates, a fabulous book (more on that later) and a day's photography class in Canberra set for early in the new year!
A very special lunch at home with all the men in my life!  Husband, father and two brothers, who sang a beautifully deep version of Happy Birthday.
And then an afternoon with Jane Austen, watching "Persuasion", with a bowl of chocolates by my side.  Ah, bliss.
And of course a birthday cake, with a nod to Halloween tomorrow, orange icing and ... are they bats on the cake?  With a ballerina twirling in the middle and the cocktail umbrellas from the morning making a repeat performance ... brilliant!!  Love birthdays.  And not even thinking about the number.
Seeya tomorrow for the last day of Blogtoberfest!!!


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely birthday Trudy, many happy returns for the day! Julie :)

  2. Happy birthday, Trudy! It sounds like you've had a lovely and relaxed day.

  3. Happy Birthday to you...

  4. Happy, happy birthday from all at Poppy Cottage!!!

  5. Happy Birthday - what a lovely special day you have had, filled with so much love. Lily. xxx

  6. Happy birthday .... what a super day - loved the cup and the cake is great ... a real juxtaposition!

  7. Happy Birthday. Your presents all look lovely.

  8. Happy Birthday my bloggy friend! I love your cake - Halloween orange icing with a ballerina on top - of course! Your presents look very carefully chosen by people who love you - what more could one ask for! x

  9. Ooh Happy Birthday m'dear, so sorry my good wishes are belated ones. That cakes looks like fun, and such gorgeous presents, lucky you :D

  10. darn, I missed your birthday, so a belated Happy Birthday to you!! Look at all those lovely pressies....I remember those ballerina figures! are they old, have still mine after about 40 years! Heather x


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