01 October 2012

Days 25 through 30

Here are the last six photos of my photo-a-day challenge for the month of September.  It has been quite a commitment to take a photo every day for a month, and sometimes a challenge to find something to fit the word but a good excuse to keep my camera at hand and to become alert to photo opportunities around me.

The final six day's are 25. frame, 26. near, 27. love/hate, 28. a good thing, 29. errand and 30. me, then.

My words to fit my photos.

Frame - No-one I know.  Purchased in an antique store.  Love her grin, the old wooden surfboard, the beach houses in the background and her sense of spirit.

Near - I know, this photo was taken very, very near.  My gorgeous pooch, who is never far away from me where-ever I am in the house, unless she gets very comfortable on the couch!

Love/hate - The scales.  Obvious really, love some numbers that come up, hate others.  There hasn't been much loving of these scales for quite some time now!

A good thing - A very good thing that I have these, otherwise I wouldn't be able to do very much at all.  Just sleep.

Errand - Little lists and lots of trips to the shop just around the corner and up the road.

Me, then - Somethings never change.  Less use of the dummy these days though!
30 Days of Photos.  The End.  Thanks for looking!

And today is the day of picking a winner of my give-away.  Thanks so much for entering and sharing your dreams of your perfect studio.  I loved reading them all and have saved in my head some of your fabulous ideas.  After writing out the names and twirling them all around in a bowl, a name was pulled out and it is Claire of Sweet Birdy Love!  Congratulations Claire!  If you email me your address, I'll pop this little parcel into the post to you : -)

Enjoy October!


  1. You obviously, have always had a thing for crochet! Ada :)

  2. The frame picture looks like my Mum in her younger days, not that I ever think that she was a surfer...

  3. Love the photo of the scales for love/hate! I get that. What woman doesn't?

  4. Great photos..
    It's hard keeping up with all the challenges..I have nominated you for the liebster award. www.mummymanifesto.com
    Cheers lisa

  5. Enjoyed your month of photos. Think I liked near best of the last ones.

  6. Fantastic images, Trudy. And fascinating to learn about the prompts that inspired them.
    Delighted to have you playing along during Blogtoberfest12.
    Kat xxx

  7. I have asked Mum and she never went surfing in her younger days, but wishes that she had learnt, so it wasn't her....


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