10 October 2012

Bags Packed

[Photo source unknown]
We're off on a holiday!  Chris has been given the all-clear to fly, he's champing at the bit to get back to work, so we're having a week away before that happens, to breathe in some lovely cool, fresh air, sit on top of a mountain, go for long walks.  We need this precious family time to be together and put the chapter of what has been the last couple of months behind us.

There'll be a simple photo-a-day while we're away because I'm putting us all on strict time limits on the laptop.  Wish me luck there!!

Seeya there tomorrow!


  1. Hope you have an amazing time Trudy! Looking forward to your photos. Rachel x

  2. have a wonderful time Trudy! Will keep a look out for the photos as well :-)
    So glad your husband is feeling better.

    Amanda :-)

  3. Have a lovely relaxing time together. Looking forward to seeing your photos.

  4. Have a wonderful time, I am glad your husband is getting back to better health.

  5. Hey Trudy, have the most wonderful time away.....sounds like you all well and truly deserve it.
    Safe travels and look forward to seeing your pics.

    Claire x

  6. Safe trip and have a fabulous time. Don't forget to pack your crochet scarf, I mean blanket! ;-) x

  7. I was just breathing out there with you! Happy holidays and family time, such a nice thing to do, enjoy, Heather x

  8. Have a wonderful time together. I hope you enjoy just the right amounts of fun, food and getting out in the fresh air :D

  9. Have a restful holiday, sound like you really need a good break :)

  10. Have a lovely holiday! Lily. xxx


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