09 October 2012

A Crafty Post

As promised, because deep down I think you like the crafty posts the best.  On my craft table at the moment there are three projects (I've hidden all the others, out of sight, out of mind ... it doesn't take much!!) so I can give these my focussed attention, and there has been a little bit of progress on each of them.  Not much, but a bit!

Firstly, here is a sneak peak at this month's project that I'd aiming to finish.  I don't want to give too much away, not just yet, but it's hand stitching which I love to do.  It's nice to be able to transport a project easily and sit quietly wherever you are, adding to it, tiny stitch by tiny stitch.

A bit of progress on hubby's scarf.  Hard to get too excited about this as we're into Spring and it's getting warmer every day.  I know it won't get used until next Winter now, so that's probably when it will get finished, hopefully just prior to the cold weather setting in.

And the reason the knitting is not progressing speedily is that I've been weilding the crochet hook.  Again two steps forward, one step back, and that's because I leap ahead thinking I know what I'm doing only to find that I actually don't.  It was starting to get that unwanted wavy look again.  Of course, I kept going because I thought it would all be okay, but then I thought I should do a stitch count (what a good idea, Trudy!) and found I had so many more stitches than I should have ... yikes!!  I then see my problem back four rows (oh yes, I'm always slow to pick up a mistake!!)  Instead of crocheting two stitches together, I did two stitches ... bloomin' well side by side.  What a ninny!!!!!

Anyway, I'm back on track with it and stop myself every time I daydream about this project becoming a scarf rather than a blanket.  But it would make a very snuggly scarf, don't you think?  And right now it's the perfect width.  Better get going on the next rows before I start wrapping it around my neck and heading out the door!

Rather like the look of a re-wound ball of wool.  Good really, because I'm seeing a few of those at the moment!

Seeya tomorrow in Blogtoberfest-land!
Enjoy your day, Trudy


  1. What a pretty blog, I could hang out here all day :) Thanks for the visit to my blog - I've thought of something else now as well as the challenge to visit all blogs! You're to be the first of my 'named and famed' blogs for Blogtober as you commented before I got to your blog in the list! Which means you get a link too from my post (I'm thinking of this as I go along - you've been an inspiration!) Makes sure I have something to write about for the 31 days too - so thank you xx

  2. I really want to learn to do embroidery! Blankets fab! Keep going, you'll get there! Ada :)

  3. Haha, that could be me with all the frogging. One day I'll show my collection of small balls ;-)

    Your blog has been awarded btw. Here is the link: http://mareelovescolour.blogspot.de/2012/10/its-tuesday-again.html

  4. Trudy I so get the temptation to turn the blanket into a scarf. I started a 8 ply crochet stripe blanket, and it ended up being a wrap. Just way to slow for me.

  5. It's all beautiful. Especially the hand sewing, that looks so pretty. Don't be tempted to turn your beautiful blanket into a scarf...just think how good you will feel when it's finished ready for next autumn/winter. x

  6. oooh lots of luvely yarny stuff going on here...its all very intriguing...great colour combos by the way....and i think you may of inspireed me to knit my hubs a scarf now after seeing your one....i do love the idea of differant crochet styles used together, though i wonder is it difficult to get the tention right with it and the right number of stitches.....? yours looks amazing.

  7. Lovely, lovely. I love your work and the blanket has such beautiful colour choices. It will be so worth it, a crocheted blanket is truly a thing of beauty. x

  8. It would make a rather funky scarf! but keep going if you can, Heather x


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