06 September 2012

Photo-a-day Challenge

This is fun.  And makes me take more photos!!  Here are the next three days' photos.  4.  in my letterbox.  5.  bright.  6.  every day.


Okay, I should confess, the first photo was staged!!  Wouldn't it be a fun mail day, opening up your letterbox and having all those letters, postcards and parcels spill out?  I think I would do a happy dance.
The 'bright' photo was taken in our house, in an unrenovated room, soon to be Girl 1's bedroom, but at this stage has no light covering, just the bare bulb and yes, it's bright!
And finally, something I do every day.  Every day I open my laptop, hit the go button and connect to the world.  I love it.  Best Present Ever was this laptop.  It has changed my life, changed how I go about my day, changed how I stay connected with people.
Have you taken a photo today?
Bye, Trudy


  1. Just the one so far, I will post it next time....let's just say, the apple never falls far from the tree! Ada :)

  2. I don;t think I've taken a single photo today - I've not had time! I know what you mean about the laptop and internet. When ours broke a few months back I panicked. I use the internet everyday, for everything - how did we ever manage without it?? x

  3. A photo every day? Great start, have fun with it.

  4. Photos are the best way to capture life.


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