09 September 2012

Days 7, 8 and 9

Continuing on with my photo-a-day challenge, here are photos from the last three days, and the words are 7. natural, 8. at night, and 9. something I do most weekends.

We've been having some crazy weather here in South Gippsland the last few days, wind bringing branches and whole trees down, and it's also been raining gumnuts, and I just can't resist picking them up.  Love the different colours and isn't the green amazing?
The second photo shows a little corner of our sitting room with piles of books at the ready.  Our night time generally means lamp light.  I love lamp light or candles and find overhead lights way too bright.
And, yes most weekends I am very lucky and get breakfast in bed.  I know a lot of people don't like breakfast in bed, something about the crumbs in the sheets or something, but it is one of my favourite things indeedy!!  This morning I had some chocolatey pops on top of my seriously healthy cereal.
Hope you've had a happy weekend.
Will be back soon with crochet, craft and quilting!


  1. We've had a lovely, VERY LAZY weekend! Your, photos as usual are lovely! I'm like you, love lamps at night, snuggling down with a good book, or a bit of stitching! Ada :)

  2. ''been raining gumnuts''...i must use this sentence more often..it makes me smile....
    ...and yes...us two little people do love our sunday morning tea and newspapers in bed...which is usually shared also with two cats........and possibly a coissant too.

  3. We've had a fab weekend - hot and sunny. What are gumnuts? I totally agree re overhead lights - i never use mine but have table lamps and standing lamps here and there, much softer light. I haven't had breakfast in bed since pre-kids, but I do love a cup of tea in bed with my book in the mornings, especially if hubby is downstairs giving the kids their breakfast! x

    1. Gumnuts are nuts (actually more than a seed pod than a nut, you can't eat them) that grow on a gum tree!! It is from the gumnut that the flower grows. Cheers : -)

    2. I'm wrong, I'm so sorry!! The gumnut (or fruit) is where the seeds are released, and the flower is completely separate. Oh dear, and I call myself a true-blue Aussie girl.


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