16 August 2012

While we're on the subject of Blankets

I think I have time for just one more blankety-blanket post before Winter is nudged aside by Spring, and the blankets are put away again until next year.  Thought I might offer you a bit of a showcase of woolly bits.  That is, blankets knitted and crocheted.  A feast of colour, as it were.

This first one is a knitted blanket, and the joy of this blanket is that many hands went into making it.  It was knitted, not only by me, but also four very special people in my life.  It was quite a few years back now, and I'm not sure how it came about that I was given such a helping hand.  I possibly bit off more than I could chew in the knitting department, felt overwhelmed and was saved by my Mum.  She stepped in and was the first to say she would do a few blocks.  Then my Aunt.  Then my best buddy.  Then, not to be outdone by the bevy of knitting women around him, my Dad did a block for me.  Yes, my Dad can knit.  Can knit, but doesn't make a habit of it.

This is a big, weighty blanket and is on my bed right now, ready for when it's time to snuggle under it.  I love the eclectic mix of colours, the mish-mash, the "let's finish this ball of wool, did I make you a jumper in this?"

This next one is a more recent addition to the blanket stack.  This one was made a couple of years ago.  Purpose-bought colours, and notice the grey and red?  This is more of a knee rug, in fact it's on my knees right now!!  Oh, now see what I've done ... I was calling them blankets, but deep down I want to say rugs!  I was brought up with the word rug, and just recently it seems they've become blankets.  Anyone else want to call them rugs?!!

Next up in the showcase of blanket-rugs is one I've shared before, but wanted to pop it in anyway.  This is the one I affectionately call the Nanny McPhee Granny, or the Nanny Granny.  Love those hundred squares.  Very uninspired by the sewing-up process at the end.

And now, a peek at my current work-in-progress.  Flowers!  I made a shawl in this design and enjoyed making the flowers so much that thought a whole blanket-rug in them would be quite something.  This is a project that's just jiggling along in the background of all the other projects I'm working on.  Not rushing this one, just enjoying the process, and enjoying using up all the left over wool.

I'm off to "Bedfordshire" to dream under some woolly stripes.
'night, Trudy


  1. Oh my! What a lovely post. We are deep in the heat of summer but I was able to imagine a very cold day..... pulling out such lovely blankets to keep me warm.

  2. Beautiful blankets, I love them. We're heading to Winter soon and I'm glad I have a heap of blankets to keep me warm. I'm your newest follower and think I'm going to love your blog. Quilts and blankets are the best! xxx

  3. They are wonderful! I'd love a handmade wooly blanket! Colours are brilliant, very cosy! Ada :)

  4. Such beautiful blankets - I particularly love the stripey one and what a cuddly one it is being knitted by loved ones. Such blankety loveliness that you could almost look forward to cooler days .... well almost!

  5. I love the knitted blanket - so nice to have had help from others around you as well! The flower one is looking good too! I start out making blankets and then never get past a few squares!!

  6. Oh Trudy, lovely blankets!! So many good things there! I like the way you all contributed to the first one, so much history and so many conversations and stories in one blanket. The others are all equally bright and snuggly. Loving the last one - I can see why you would want to make that project last.

    ps here we call them blankets, or throws. Rugs, or mats, are definitely for the floor. x

  7. Oh my..you have just reminded me of a stashed away japanese flower blanket that i started over a year ago, i think i just fell out of love with it and i put it away in a cupboard, it looks just like yours, though i think your colour choices are better than mine,, i must fish it out again and try and finish the thing.....
    i love the nanny granny, great colours and very inspiring too.......oh i do love a granny. x

  8. I adore the Nanny McPhee rug - did you crochet that in response to the beautiful one that was on one of the children's beds? Everytime I see that film I make Abby stop it when they show the six little beds with their wonderful covers. I definitely need one - but unlike you, I'm already put off by all the sewing up at the end! And those flowers are looking divine! But the strippy one wins for love.

  9. Hi Trudy, thats a lot of blankets! I love the fact that your family joined in to help you and that your dad even knitted a square! and yes I like the word rug, I had just kind of forgotten about it! Heather x


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