17 August 2012


I am a mother.  I have been a mother for 12 years.  I have two beautiful daughters.  I love watching my girls grow into beautiful, independent young girls.  I've loved every stage of their development and have not been a mother who mourns the passing of each stage, but greets them with open arms for the excitement and joy they bring.

Giving away the high chair?  Absolutely fine with that.  No more cleaning all those incredibly difficult little corners and crevices with mashed banana and icky, sticky bits.  Progressed to the fun of sitting up at the table, like a big girl.

Finishing with the baby capsule, and then the pram?  Yes, that was okay.  I loved watching the joy on their faces as they ran and jumped and skipped and twirled, and were free from being strapped in and restrained.

Going off to kinder for the first time?  Teary?  Not me.  My girls were so excited about going out into this new world to be amongst other children and to learn and grow ... how could I not love this time too?  I knew they would paint with their fingers, and mould with Playdoh and dig in the sandpit and laugh and sing.  How could I be sad when they were so happy?

Kinder to School?  Again excitement bubbling out of them for the uniform, the shiny black shoes and white socks, the stationery, the bright coloured lunch box, for the friends, for a new teacher.  All fabulous, all part of the plan.  All good.

Until now.  And I'm struggling just a wee bit.  Never thought I would.  But there you have it.  My gorgeous first born child, now twelve years old, calls me Mum.  I am Mummy to her no longer.  Who would have thought this would make me teary and long for those little girl days, that sweet little voice, those adorable questions that always ended with "Mummy"?  She'll always be my little girl, but from now on I'm her Mum.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. And she does love her Mummy...

  2. Sam, my son was the other way round , he used to call me mum,, but now, and certaintly since leaving school, he has called me mummsy,, i actually quite like it...especially when he does it in front of his mates in a silly voice....always makes me laugh.

  3. My daughter, who is 5, calls me and my husband "Mum" and "Dad" and has done since she started school. And now her 3 year old brother copies her. But, when she is upset, it is always "Mummy" or "Daddy". They grow up so fast! x

  4. I know exactly what you mean, it sounds so strange after so long, but I think a Mum to a daughter is just so much more than a mummy. It's a mate, a supporter a comforter, a shoulder to cry on,share shopping with, share clothes with somebody to forever share your life with even when she has a family of her own, you will always be Mum, no matter what happens. It may seem like the passing of an era but it is opening into something so special, a bond that will last a lifetime. Go Mum

  5. My lot call me Mim, which I love. It stands for mother is mad!


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