19 August 2012

World Photography Day

Today is World Photography Day.  It originates from the invention of the daguerreotype, a photographic process developed by Louis Daguerre.  The French Government announced the invention as a gift to the world on this day, in 1839.

So thank you Mr Daguerre, it is because of you that we have photos.  Photos which capture so perfectly a moment in time, such as this classic photo of a suburban kitchen, circa 1963.   All the women in the kitchen preparing a meal while the men are elsewhere, waiting for that same meal. Love the frocks, the pearls, the cardi's, everyone lending a hand in that little kitchen.  And there's my gorgeous Mum, second from the left.

Photos are there to remind us ...

:  that we were once happy to pose in a bikini

: that long white socks and yellow shorts were okay ... then

They remind us ...

: that we never need to pay someone to take our photo in period costume ever again
: that time passes quickly and we should focus on what's important
: that we need to be aware of the background and not stand in front of the washing
: that cake, pikelets and frog-in-the-pond is all the food you really need at a birthday party
: that we've done some silly things in our time, but that's all part of it
: that posing naked, except for a cat mask, while pregnant, was all about the hormones

And because it is World Photography Day, I have taken a photo today, and here it is, to share with you.  A view which is almost on our doorstep, of an overcast day, rolling hills, a rusty shed and cows all in a line.

Do you remember your first camera, your early photos? 
Do you have a favourite photo?

Cheers, Trudy


  1. Wow... World Photography Day... Glad you took a photo today. I love looking at other peoples photos, of their family, travels or their craft skills, I am never bored with looking at photos. A lady once gave me good advice that if I was taking a photo of a glass window from outside it was OK to have a reflection of what is behind you, because it can help sometimes date a photo. I now dont care when I take a photo of the reflection. What a beatiful top photo was that in the 60's? Wow you were a stunner in your younger days, especially the long socks....

  2. it's funny I keep thinking about my old photos lately. I went up into the attic and found an old album to look through. it's nice remembering who we used to be and who used to be around! I didn't know about world photography day. looks like a lovely place you live in. Heather x

  3. Great post! I've just spent the last few days with my much loved Aunt looking at loads of old photos! She's 91, my Uncle is 87 and not well now, I've really cherished the last few days as I know there may not be many more, Ada :)

  4. What a great post! I didn't know it was world photography day. I love your collection of photos and thoughts on them. (What is frog-in-the-pond?) The view from your doorstep is stunning, you are so lucky.

    I love old family photos and the ones of the babies when they were newborn. :-)

  5. Hi Gillian, Frog-in-the-pond is a bit of an old tradition at birthday parties (you may know it as a different name) - small, individual bowls of green jelly (the pond) and poke into it a Cadbury's chocolate frog and maybe some other confectionary on top to look like water lilies!! My girls still think it's a treat. Makes eating jelly a bit more fun : -)

  6. Hi, I really love your post, especially the photo in the kitchen. The hair styles, clothes and even the glasses remind me of my aunts. You live in a really beautiful place!

  7. Hi Trudy, I am back again to say that I have awarded you a little blog award over at my blog, if you would to come over and pick it up! Hope your week is good Heather x

  8. What a great post, we dont have anything like that here in England...so this is lovely to hear about...and i love your photo,..do you know though that since having a digital camera all my pictures are just virtual pictures, i now dont have any actual photos if you know what i mean,, they all just sit in a computer which is kinda sad really....sometimes i really do miss my old film camera, i used to love taking the film round the shop to get it developed and see what appeared, and i liked having all the crappy ones too, all the ones where you dropped the camera or where the camera went off when you didnt want it too and you had a close up picture of someones bottom......i miss that.
    Great post Pixie xx


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