24 July 2012

Felt Ball Necklace

It all started when I was in a store and I dipped my hand into a deep bowl of stunningly gorgeous coloured felt balls.  I had to have some!  With a little idea brewing in my head, I carefully chose colours that all seemed to sit beautifully next to each other.

Then I played with them, rearranging them into different groups, in lines, by colour, and started thinking perhaps some colours were best left out of the mix?  So many decisions, and all the while I just wanted to eat them!!

Discarding the yellows, orange and bright pinks, I thought this mix of colours would do the trick for the look I was after.

With string-coloured crochet cotton and a small hook, I simply did a very long chain stitch and pierced and threaded the felt balls onto it (using the very high-tech, three-fingers-wide, spacing technique!)  I didn't even have to knot either side of the felt ball, they're just staying put.  Very simple.  Very easy.  Very quick.  Not rocket science, but hey, look ... a new necklace!!

Sorry about the lack of "person" inside the outfit, there's never anyone around when you need them, and I'm hopeless at those arty reflected-in-the-mirror shots!



  1. Hi Trudy , Loving the necklace . My son and I make felt balls like these with the intention to at some point to have enough to make me a necklace .We only tend to do it when I get my wool tops out to needle felt things for Christmas crafts (ie.angel wings ,santa beards & corsages ). But you have inspired me to do some neeedle felting with the boys over the school holidays . Might even try some wet felting !!!You never know I might be able to make a necklace in a few weeks . Thanks for the inspiration !!
    Have a wonderfully crafty week , with kind regards Tracy x

  2. This is really good, you would pay a fortune for something like that in a shop, means more when you make it you make it yourself! Well done! Ada :)

  3. That looks really god - I love the colou choices, I will have to look out for some felt balls now!!

  4. The necklace is really pretty; I love the balls they look all soft and cosy. xxx

  5. Lovely! Especially with the colours you chose. I've not seen balls to buy in England but will definitely look now! Fancy one myself - perhaps your next giveaway!

  6. So gorgeous! I want to make one now! I've never seen felt balls for sale here but will look out now. I've seen felt ball necklaces though in website and they are always tempting but pricey.

  7. Oh your necklace is just adorable! I love the colors you chose, it's my favorites as well!!!
    You have a great rest of the week!
    Best wishes, LS

  8. Love it, as in really love it. And the colour palette is just perfect, very earthy and totally right for something made from wool :)


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