26 July 2012

Milly and Romeo

Two dogs.  Milly, a cheeky, little "very low tum" daschund and Romeo a beautiful, big german shepherd gave their names to the 'Artisan Bakery and Cooking School' at Koonwarra, just up the road from us, in South Gippsland.

It's a favourite place of ours to celebrate special events and we had a lovely lunch there last Saturday.  The food is exquisite, just take a look at the sweet treats on offer.  Sometimes I just want to skip straight to dessert!

Beautiful camellias on the tables make everything even sweeter.

Anyway, back to the story of Milly and Romeo.  Apparently Milly can be a little bit naughty so is always left at home as she can't be trusted to behave while guests are about, while Romeo is allowed to sleep peacefully in the sunshine around the back, on the verandah.  Isn't he gorgeous?  We had two beautiful german shepherds while I was growing up, so I have a special soft spot for them.

Our lunch out was to celebrate this girl's birthday.  This one with the very long hair, the plait and the pink felt flower in her hair.  She felt very grown up, being ten now, as you do.

If you find yourself driving along the South Gippsland Highway, heading towards The Prom, and are feeling a bit peckish, do stop for a while at Milly & Romeo's.  I'm sure you'll enjoy!



  1. Very beautiful grown up hair!
    I grew up with a dog like Romeo, only ours was called Patch, what a ridiculous name for such an imposing dog!! Poor thing, no wonder he always looked embarrassed when we called him in the park! Ada :)

    1. Ada, I did chuckle! You do expect a German Shepherd to have a name more like Bruno or Rex, don't you? Our first German Shepherd was Patsy!!!!

  2. Hello,

    Everything so lovely here, pastries, dogs and flowers for you hair!
    And yes, I think Pinterest is fabulous and love it when I am pinned there~ thanks so much for asking

  3. Happy Birthday to your girl - she has such beautiful hair. Those desserts look so good.

    I have found felt balls on Etsy! I am very happy, you can choose the colours you want. 20 balls is £4 or around 8 aus dollars i think. Just need to decide which colours to order!

  4. Happy belated birthday to the marvellous "girl 2".
    Caroline and family
    PS. I had a much-loved german shepard as a child too - called Cindy :-)


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