21 June 2012

Rosy Posy Brooch

This is the easiest thing to make with knitting needles, without knitting a stitch.  Anyone would think I was a knitter looking at this assortment of needles, but this was my Mum's collection, and I dipped into it to find a couple of size 8mm needles, which seemed to do exactly what was asked of them.

I first stumbled over this little project at Henhouse, so thank you Hen for this rosy posy brooch idea, a brooch that can be made in the blink of an eye, a flick of a wrist!  No turning of the heel or working with four needles or knitting into the back of the stitch or psso, no sir-ee, just plain old simple winding.  Here is the end product, this is Hen's.  Do visit her blog, it has a lovely vintage feel to it.  And look, aren't these just the bees knees?

All you need are some scraps of wool, those pesky, little bits that you don't know what to do with but can't quite bring yourself to simply throw away.

And maybe a small smackerel of something, in case of tricky, patience-testing moments.  Crafting is always more fun with tea and a little something, especially if that little something is home-baked biscotti by a nine year old girl.

Now comes the winding part, wind around and around the needles about eight times, then with a contrasting bit of wool tie a knot around it's middle and there you have it, a little woolly flower.

And then lots of woolly flowers.  Stitch them onto a backing of choice.  I chose a piece of wool felt, then glued it to a piece of cardboard, then onto another piece of wool felt for a bit of colour interest.  A brooch-pin stitched to the back and it's done.

It was decided by all who first looked at my brooch that the wonky cutting of the circles was more endearing than shabby and showed a true home-baked product!!

What have you been making at your house?
Do you throw away those little ends of wool?
Do you have another idea for using up the leftovers?



  1. Hi Trudy , I am loving this wooly flower Broach ,My mind is working overtime with posible projects for children ( as well as us big kids !!).I'm off to pop over to Henhouse now .
    So ta ta for now and keep crafting Tracy . x

  2. I have jars and jars of wool ends that i just dont have the heart to fling,, and you sorted out the problem,, BRILLIANT, what lovely little flowers without all the faff.....'wear something crafty', YAAAAAAAY.

  3. Hello Trudy

    How very original!!! I'm off to have a look see on Hen's blog.
    Love the idea

    Amanda :-)

  4. Lovely brooch, yes Hen's blog is really beautiful I've been an avid follower of hers a while.

    I use my leftover for many projects - but my daughter especially likes me to make her little cufflets, you can see one of them I made here:


    Have a happy week.
    Fleur xx

  5. What a lovely idea! Thanks for sharing! I have quite a stash of little bits that I hate to throw away. Now, I don't have to!

  6. How sweet and look lovely as a broach. They could be used for so many things!


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