11 June 2012

5 Things

Five things that have been a thief to my time these past few days.  Five things that have kept me focussed on the tasks at hand.

There has been a lot of organising happening in our house for a birthday party for a girl who is now 12.  There has been games to plan, billy cans to fill with take-home treasures (yes, it was a camping party in Winter!) and a menu to think about.

There has been a book which has captivated me.  You know the type that you simply can't put down?  I attempted to cook and read at the same time but cooking really takes all my concentration skills!!  I love a good book when it takes you along for the ride, the characters become real to you, and in places you're holding your breath wondering what is about to happen next.  That's exactly what happened with Sarah Water's book "Fingersmith".

There has been a new crochet square to nut-out.  One I've never done before, but one that I have recently seen in a baby-sized blanket and one I knew I had to tackle.  New blue and white twine-looking 4 ply wool, (which practically had me swooning in the shop!) and a smaller crochet hook than I'm used to, a size 3mm.  And then I saw Pixie's of the same pattern made into a wrap.  Stunning.

There has been the waiting and waiting of a certificate to arrive from England to help me piece together a tricky bit of family history.  When it finally did arrive this week all I could do was mull over the new information and try to fit it with the stories we thought we knew.

And of course there was the actually day and night and morning of the party.  The crossing of fingers that it would be fine and we could toast marshmallows outside, and the girls could snuggle up in the 6 person tent and tell ghost stories and share secrets.  It was all completely wonderful and there was a lovely group of girls in our home.

Five fun things, that I'm happy to have taken time from me for.
What fun things have you been up to?



  1. Wow you have been busy...

  2. Put that book on my wish list. I am currently reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed. If you like addicted books this is one to read next. Love roasting marshmallows and baby blankets.
    Had a busy weekend myself with making some cotton dish cloths, attended a parade and packing of our move.

  3. Have you finished the Willow square......show and tell please.


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