28 March 2012

Project X

Because I haven't thought of a name for this particular quilt, it is affectionately known as Project X, which makes it sound like something it really isn't ... something more secretive, something that should be worked on in the dead of night!!

In keeping with my love of all things "in the beginning stages" I have been having a hoot of a time in the Make and Do Room pulling out fabrics from my stash and putting together a small collection for Project X.

I'm veering towards a reddish, mustard earthy colour combination, and my idea for the design is to make a sampler quilt.  The choice of more vibrant and contemporary fabrics will make it look very different to a traditional sampler quilt giving it a modern twist.

These are the fabrics chosen for the first block.  The leaf design is a Liberty fabric that has been sitting in my stash for a number of years, waiting for such an occasion to come out and play.  I just love it!

I've drawn up the first block and made plastic templates for each different shape.  Here's a handy hint:  chopping mats from the $2 shop - they do a fabulous job and are finer than template plastic so easier to cut through.

First block complete, sewn by hand. 

Block two fabrics chosen, cut, templates made, sewn up.

And now back to playing with fabrics for Block 3 and thinking up a design.  The designs, below, came by way of Girl 2.  Love how she takes such an interest in anything I am making and likes to come up with her own ideas and to make suggestions.

Hope you're having fun with the things you are making.


  1. I love the greys and yellows together - they work really well. Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  2. Project X.......how fabulous. Love the colors esp the gorgeous leaf fabric. Looks like something that amazing screen printer would have made. More please.


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