27 October 2012

Crochet and Piano Playing

The day unfolded just as was hoped.  And just as it should every now and again.  There was a very relaxed start, time for a cuppa in bed with a book to finish, and later in the day a new one to start.  There was hours spent in pyjamas, and there was time left completely alone.

There was a lot of time spent jostling for a seat at the piano.  Lots of fun playing duets together, learning new tunes, playing them as fast as possible, or going over and over notes until they were just right.  We all played and it was nice to get to know our new-old piano.

And there has been some particular learning and practising of a very important tune, that will undoubtedly get a little bit of air-play next week!
And there was time for crochet.  I'm into the third row of the four-row pattern of the Catherine Wheel and I'm very happy to report there has been no undoing of rows.  Yeah!!  Time for a bit of a happy dance!  It's lovely watching as the colours and stitches start playing together.

How did you spend your Saturday?


  1. Oh how I wish I could play an instrument... Unfortunately I'm the most unmusical person ever, couldn't get a tune right to save my life... Love your new old piano and love the fact that it apparently was made in Berlin. Such a place full of history - like your piano surely is, too!
    Oh, and the colours on your blanket look amazing - as does the catherine wheel stitch... should try that one soon...

  2. My daughter has started learning piano recently, and has been learning Happy Birthday to You as well. After much research we have got a modern electric piano. Not as nice as yours.

  3. Great piano, worth all that effort! Great colours too! Ada :)

  4. Yay, for a happy dance, whatever the reason......
    So glad you are enjoying having a piano in the house. I must get back into playing mine
    have been a bit distracted with other things since my holiday.
    Hours in jammies and a cuppa in bed sounds like the most perfect start to a weekend. I am doing that very thing now. Boys away so no need to be up and about.....

    Love the Catherine Wheel stitch, very effective, your blanket is coming along nicely Trudy.
    So is the 'important tune' going to be played for you next week?......do tell
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend..........

    CLaire x

  5. I love that Catherine Wheel stitch crochet blanket! The colours are gorgeous. Crochet can be seriously addictive huh?
    xoxo Lauren

  6. That looks like such a perfect, restful saturday. I spent mine in London with my best friend, being a tourist. Fun. But not restful! x


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