27 April 2012

Washi Tape Project

Our local Primary School, where my girls attend, ask for ten inexpensive Mothers' Day gifts from each family for their stall so that all the children have the opportunity of a bit of shopping spree for their Mums to the tune of 50c to $2.00.  First item on my list was some glass candle holders.

Next, some washi tape.  I had to give my washi tape collection a minor boost, which was a hoot of fun choosing different colours and patterns.  I purchased mine from the Japanese Etsy store Uguisu but there are hundreds of places to choose from.  Goodness you can even purchase a washi tape organiser and dispenser, but mine are quite happy to just sit on the shelf!! 

Armed with my candle holders and washi tape, all I then needed was some scissors.  Can you see where I'm going with this?  This is one very quick and easy craft project.

Simply wrap the tape around the glass candle holder.  At this point in the proceedings you do need a bit of perseverance in getting the tape straight and without air pockets, but washi tape is brilliant in that it can be taken off again easily and re-applied.

Once I realised that three rounds of the tape was the best fit for the size of the candle holder, the best fun was choosing the colours that might go well together.  Then I popped in a tea light as I thought this would give a better light through the washi tape than the candles and hey presto, they're done!!

Anyone have any other ideas for washi tape?

Have a super weekend.


  1. that is so lovely and the perfect mother's day present - something a mum would be really pleased to receive and use. I've never bought washi tape ... mmmm ... have to show Abby. I bet she'll like it.

  2. Now they all look bright and joy.....lovely x

  3. Gorgeous.....gotta get me so of that tape.

  4. I have a few precious reels of this tape. Am inspired to try our some projects. Love your tea light holders

  5. Cute ideas! I sell washi tape as well and it is great to give buyers sweet ideas.



  6. may i ask where did you purchase that tapes? i contacted etsy store owner but she said, not all of them are from her etsy store and i love that designs!

    1. Most from her store, but others just here and there and purchased when I saw them. Sorry I can't be more helpful, but there are many etsy stores that sell washi tape. Good luck!


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