13 March 2012

Finished Project for February

A confession.  Since counting my WIPs and making a list, and thinking about which ones I could realistically finish this year, I have found two more!!  So I actually started the year with 27 WIPs (gee whizz I'm back to where I thought I was at the beginning).  Anyway, here is February's finished project, a patched cushion.  [I know I showed you a little teaser of another project, but that has had to be put to one side for the moment as I'm waiting on the right fill to use].  With the patched cushion, I had gotten as far as sewing all the scraps of fabric together, and there it had sat, and sat for quite some time, more than a year I'm thinking.

The other day out came the ruler and pen and pins and batting and off I went.  If you haven't met the Pilot FriXion ball pen then it's a must-meet, as it writes on fabric then simply irons off.  And if you iron off the penmarks before you really wanted to (ie. by mistake) then I believe if you put your project into the freezer for a while the penmarks magically come back, amazing!

I pinned a piece of batting to the back of the patched piece and quilted with Perle 8 thread, in a soft pink, along my penmarks.  It was quick and easy to do, and will hopefully inspire me to do more quilting, although it hasn't just yet, oh dear ...

Now it's just a case of deciding where the cushion should sit.

And which project gets my attention next ...
Enjoy your day.



  1. That is truly gorgeous Trudy!!! Very clever, I love the colours and patterns you have chosen. Looking forward to your other WIPs if they are all as lovely as that! Have a great day, Julie :)

  2. 27! I'm impressed :-) The cushion is truly lovely - and I vote for the last chair - it is truly lovely too! What a fabulous design - so unusual. As for the pen - that is so cool. I've not seen one before and as somewhere perpetually challenged by quilting in a straight line - or curved line - or any line of choice actually - I simply must get myself one. Looking forward to your next WIP!

  3. Well done Trudy. You've started the year well and I'm looking forward to seeing a completed project each month - you can do it!
    Cushion and lavender sachet are both gorgeous. Love your photos too - almost inspires me to get crafty myself.
    PS. Unlike past attempts, I hope this post works.


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