12 March 2012

Boxing Kangaroos

On an impulse we packed a picnic tea and drove to The Prom for a walk along the beach and in the hope of spotting some native wildlife, and we weren't disappointed.  We saw wombats, wallabies and kangaroos.

It's always such a thrill, and yes I still squeal like a little girl, when I see animals in their natural setting going about their business.  Okay, maybe they had a bit of an idea that they were being watched by people with zoom lenses, but they certainly weren't too concerned.

And this is something I've never seen before, except on sporting flags and memorabilia, the boxing kangaroo!  They looked to be young 'roos, and therefore just having a bit of fun, I think ...  I certainly wasn't going any closer to find out!!

On we drove to our destination point, Squeaky Beach.  I love this beach, because of it's quirky squeakiness (the rounded quartz sand makes a squeak as you walk along) and for the amazing rock formations on the beach.

It was 7.00 p.m. by the time we settled ourselves on our picnic rug, with the rocks behind our backs and the roar of the sea in our ears, pretending we were the last family on the planet, eating pork pies, mini quiches, Nobby's nuts and rock cakes (well, that seems appropriate!!)

We always come away from The Prom wondering why we don't visit more often.  There is so much to explore, so many walks to be walked, animals to spot, fabulous beaches and so many wonderful photo opportunities.  We will be back, and soon.
Hope you're all enjoying your Long Weekend.
Cheers, Trudy

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  1. Wow! Wow! i've never been there - it looks amazing - those rocks are gorgeous. I like the idea of pretending you're the last family on the planet. It's amazing how many places there are here in the South of Australia where you can imagine that if you were shipwrecked and washed up upon that beach you would think there were no humans for miles and miles around - and yet there they are over the other side of the step cliffs. Oh dear, I'm rambling now - best go check the brownies :-)


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