05 March 2012

Finished Project for January

In keeping with The Plan to finish a WIP Project a month, here is my project for January.  It is a small lavender sachet, inspired by the work of Melbourne designer Shannon Lamden from Aunty Cookie.  I have made lots of these lavender sachets to give away, and had done the stitching on one for myself but had never spent the time to finish it.  It was such a quick job to complete that I didn't even bother to sit down at the sewing machine, I stood up to sew those seams!!

I used a lovely piece of vintage teatowel fabric that I had bought at a garage sale, and the lavender came from a friend's garden.  Easy-peasey, and a fun project.  Here's a sneak peek at February's project, something else that is 90% done!!

I'm starting with the small projects that are almost complete, to get me powered up for the other monthly finished projects that are a bit weightier!!  I'm feeling better already, I might just have to do the happy dance!!



  1. Great to see that you have started or I should say completed your WIP. I see the t in the pinny it must be for you. Look forward to seeing February task completed. I love how you have challenged yourself to complete the projects, hopefully it will motivate me to start some of the projects I want to do.

  2. Hi
    Can not wait to see what you do for other months.
    And seeing February's WIP when it is finished.


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