10 January 2012

Lalaloopsy about Town

Girl 2 and I found ourselves in a sleepy little town, not yet awake, for quite a large chunk of time this morning while Girl 1 was horse riding.  We had books and magazines in the car, and quite a supply of wool between us, but we decided to head out with the camera and become Stylist and Photographer, with a very willing Lalaloopsy Girl.

This is Ember Flicker Flame, a fire fighter, who arrived at our house on December 25, with a heroic personality, a fiery temper and a dalmation to keep her company.  Don't you love those button eyes?!

Over 70 photos were taken on this photo shoot, but - don't panic - they have been whittled down to three to share with you.

I must say Miss Ember rather enjoyed all the attention.  She didn't mind at all being asked to scale tall fences, or to sit amongst the roses, she was such a champ.  She did however sidle up to me during proceedings and ask if I might do a blog post about her, pretty please.  How could I refuse?

Hope you have time for some silly fun during these Summer holidays!


  1. I love the photos you took!

  2. Love your blog and have it on my toolbar for quick access to see your latest entry. I love to read it because it's so quirky and fun, the photo's are great too. Denise :)

  3. I have had the pleasure of meeting Miss Ember......she is such a sweet heart.

  4. LOL... love it! My daughter has a few Lalaloopsy dolls!! WE love her!


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