07 January 2012

Leap of Faith

A girl would sit by her window with her colourful bag of wool at her feet, happily creating granny squares until they were big enough to wrap around her and keep her snuggly warm.  Then she would make another one, similar but different, until one day she decided to purchase a pattern book knowing it would arrive in her letterbox written in a language she didn't understand.  This girl took a leap of faith.

Page 36. Japanese Flower Shawl, well I think that’s what it’s called … it’s in Japanese! This seemed to be quite a favourite project throughout blogland in 2011; it certainly had me devouring each and every photo I came across.

Project-specific wool, always a grand start. Without anyone with me trying desperately for my sake not to look totally bored, I chose 9 colours with the brilliant names Latte, Dark Dijon, Venetian, Mouse, Swimming, Macadamia, Tomato Sauce, Canopy and Graphite, love it already!, in Morris Estate 8 Ply DK 100% Australian wool.

Love the central blue colour in this mix! When the shop assistant saw the colours I’d chosen she said it reminded her of a middle-European peasant skirt and, strangely enough, I knew exactly what she meant!! Try covering up the blue in the centre, not nearly as exciting a mix of colours, don’t you think?

Something went a little haywire along the way, and I came up with my own version, but still looking like a flower, I kept going the same way.

Hope you jump in and try something different whether it’s a Japanese crochet pattern, a new pancake recipe or purple hot-pants. Why not?!


  1. Hi trudy, I have a couple of those Japanese crochet book and they are just beautiful! I am sure you will make some great stuff out of them, your shawl looks lovely, the colours are great., love the blue! Never heard of Morris estate wool, must check it out! Have a fun week,:)

  2. I will have to get you to show me how to crochet one day, it looks so beautiful, love the purple!

  3. I actually like your's more than the on in the book. Great job.
    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. I also love tht quilt in your very first post. Brilliant colourways.

    Blessings Gail


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