02 June 2014


Is there such a condition?  Instagram-itis.  Because if there is, I think I've got it!!  I resisted for such a long time.  I didn't need another *gadget* to play with, I didn't need another time-stealer.

But that said, I was just a tad envious of the Instagram chatter I was hearing ... after all I love photography and I'm a visual kinda girl.  It seems a natural progression for me :  cut and paste in scrapbooks, collect beautiful images on Pinterest, share photos and be inspired by others on Instagram.

So now, when I finish a book I photograph it and share it on Instagram!!  And this was such a jolly fun read.  If you haven't yet read it, do yourself a favour and jump right in.  I think there may be a movie on the horizon too.

And there's been a lot of fun things happening here at Playing in the Attic to capture and share on Instagram.  Loom Bands for one.  Has this craze reached your shores?  Apparently it's the biggest craze since Barbie, because even the boys love making them as much as the girls.  We have a loom band for every occasion here!!

There has been a huge chunk of time taken up by patting, cuddling, brushing, feeding, walking, playing, photographing and poop-collection of these two adorable girls who are growing before our very eyes.  I just don't get other things done, because I look at them and have an overwhelming need to cuddle them!!

There has been a bit of catch up of the crochet-kind as we are now in Winter and there is a promise that this will be finished Very Soon.  This Winter in fact.  Every night (well, almost) there is another square added to the stack!

And of course there has been work, and a birthday celebration, baking and some fog.  I think that pretty much sums up my life at the moment.  All photographed.  All Instagrammed.

If you would like to follow me on Instagram, I am Playing in the Attic.  Perhaps I'll see you there?

Enjoy your day!!


  1. Loom bands have made it here, though your daughters are clearly masters, as I have not seen so many different ways of doing them. I have a small collection of gifted bands from various children at my school. Your dogs are adorable.

  2. Hello
    I am a "new kid on the block" but i am loving finding peeps on IG, that I feel are friends already..From my little corner to yours..
    Maria x

  3. Going to join you there rightaway ... I'm Thriftwood114 xxx

  4. oh dear i dont do Instagram, or facebook for that matter,or twitter.....i dont like technology much, all that clicking.........will you still be playing in the attic here dear friend?......i hope so...xxxxxx

  5. I'm a fellow addict trouble is my phone doesn't connect to it so I can only IG at home on my iPad......but my next phone will! Lovely images there my dear! :) x

  6. I read the book too and liked it very much! See you on instagram! Regula

  7. Hi Trudy, I have a couple of favs that I watch on instagram, but no account...yet! or iphone! I wonder if I should resist. Your pups are adorable, oh the fun you must have with them. Your blanket is going to be stunning, look forward to seeing more, Heather x

  8. Your pups are totally adorable, they really are, and your crochet is gorgeous, it's coming along nicely. The loom band obsession is just starting here. I am glad you're on instagram, I will find you and say hello. x

  9. Wow did you make that topiary tree for the party, is it fiddly to make?...

    1. Yes, I did!! As long as you hold your tongue in the right place, anyone could put one of these together!! I suppose it helps having the right weighted base and pole, which you can purchase at Spotlight : -)

  10. Hello Trudy
    I don't think I could manage another "place" at present so I'm sorry for the moment I won't be following you to instagram but who knows what the future may decide!!! Its heat here now and the big big midsummer festival...dips in the swimming pool to keep cool! Oh!but yes!!!! Loom Bands have definitely hit this part of the world and my grand-daughter is covered in them! I did see a lady using a loom band spectacle cord the other day which I thought rather neat and gorgeously colourful.
    Love those squares and the abundance of colour.

    keep well

    Amanda x

  11. I believe I have a touch of this condition ; )

  12. Hi Trudy, nice to discover you here in blog land as well as instagram. I know what you mean about instagram it is addicting! I love your crochet squares, they're beautiful. I've loved reading your past posts and was wondering if your PO Box is still the same, I'd like to send you some snail mail. Emma x.

  13. Hi there thought I would message you this way....I think the instagram comment I returned to you must of gone all wrong.....where you very kindly left me a comment regarding my cardigan I messaged you back saying that I got it from a charity shop,, but the silly predictive text put in 'carry' where I had put the word 'cardy'...so I tried to correct the mistake but then I think it all got in a mess, so sorry Trudy you must of wondered what I was waffling on about.
    Anyway hugs
    Pixie x


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