19 March 2014

The Book of Questions

Many moons ago I started this project, the Book of Questions, and thought you might like to take a peek at its progress.  I was inspired by the work of Nina Bagley, and had lots of cabinet cards tucked away from years of collecting.  It always saddens me to think these beautiful photographs are no longer with their families, but I do adore them and even if I don't know the names and the stories behind them I will recreate something!

The idea was to find a question to fit each photo, and that has definitely been the fun part, because I love words so much!  On the backs (where the question goes) I've applied scrapbooking paper, and with my trusty calligraphy pen and my rusty calligraphy skills, I've started writing out the questions.

There was a possible alternative here : Can melancholia be a symptom of tight corsets?!  The next cabinet card is from Paisley, Scotland so could very well be an ancestor of mine.  He's dashing enough, might claim him anyway!!

A couple more, just in case you're still with me on this!!  I've put the question on the photo, but it will be done like the others above, handwritten with pen and ink on the opposite side to the photo.

I have twenty of these gorgeous cabinet cards, so you can imagine how thick The Book of Questions will be by the time it's all done.  Binding is going to be a bit tricky, but I have this idea in mind, once I've got over punching the eyelets!

What project are you enjoying most right now?


  1. that sounds interesting Trudy. I have some of these, I didn't know they were called cabinett cards. You learn something new everyday. I have been sorting through photos too. I like the way you have brought your to life a bit! Heather x

  2. That is so fascinating.....thanks for sharing and would love to see it when you are done. xxx

  3. Hello Trudy, long time no see! Thanks for your comment on my poor neglected blog ;) I love this project, it's great...such a lovely way to enjoy the photographs as they are while still adding a bit of your own personality, and the humour of our time...their time doesn't look like it was very humorous! Rachel xx

  4. What a neat but crazy idea. Your inspiration for binding looks fun. You will enjoy hunting down vintage buttons I think.

  5. I love cabinet cards too and always think that the necessary formality of them probably belies the feisty spirits of many of the subjects so it's good to see you giving them back their sense of humour!

  6. What a fabulous project!

    I only have one cabinet card in my life, I think I need a few more.


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