10 March 2014

Zelda and Iris

We have been a family with a big puppy hole in our hearts for a long time and it was agreed that it was time to have another pooch in the house.  There were lots of chats about breeds, because we couldn't imagine another white Labrador, we couldn't simply replace our adorable old girl.  We talked about German Shepherds.  We talked about one Labrador, one German Shepherd and suddenly it was not one dog but two!  And then we thought it might be easier to have two Labradors, and maybe we could have a white and a black?  And then the litter was born and the girls were all black, so two black girls it is!!

There was many a long list made with names on it.  There were polls, there was voting until it was finally decided that the pups would be called Zelda and Iris.  We have a quirky little tradition in our home that our pups are given the names of authors. Aggie was Agatha Christie, Banjo was Banjo Patterson and soon we will have Zelda (Fitzgerald) and Iris (Murdoch).  And I say soon because we don't have the puppies yet, but the Countdown Has Begun!!

We had to make the very big trek across the state of Victoria to go back to where Aggie came from.  We know this breeder and love her dogs, and we had some choosing to do.  We had a stopover in Lexton, at the Pyrennes Family Hotel.

Lexton is a place with a tiny population now, but where my grandfather's grandfather was born, so we had a bit of a look around the place trying to imagine what it would have been like.  I love rustic, falling down places.  I love to make up stories and imagine the people who may have lived there.  Maybe when my great great grandfather was just a boy he walked by this house?  Played with the kids who lived there?  Stole apples from their trees?

Anyway, back to the puppies.  So there we were, puppies all around us and a choice had to be made!!  Can you imagine ... I wanted to bring them all home!!  The girls chose one each.  They realised this was a very important decision resting on their young shoulders, a decision not to be made lightly;  much care had to be taken and many cuddles had to be had.  I'm swooning just thinking about those gorgeous little balls of black loveliness.  [Please remind me of that feeling when they've destroyed another tree/shrub/rubber hose and when they're chewing on the house/the furniture/my toes].

Without further ado, this is Zelda ...

And this is Iris ...

And they'll be home with us soon ... but not quite soon enough!  Aren't they adorable!!
Prepare yourself for a slight onslaught of puppy photos over the next few months.

Have a happy day.


  1. They are adorable....I am not sure I would be up for two puppies to live with us....I think my kids would disagree with me though.mxxx

  2. They're delightful ... you guys are going to have so much fun!

  3. Wow aren't they cute....

  4. Oh...they are cute. We are wavering about getting a dog and I have a total weakness for black labs, but I think they are too big a dog for our tiny house. Or something. That's what my husband keeps telling me. But how lovely for your family. xx

  5. Aaaaah they're so gorgeous!!! Bet you can't wait for the cuddling (and chewing!) to start...looking forward to the many puppy photos! xx


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