22 January 2014

Heralding in the New Year

Is it too late to herald in the new year?  I know we're into the third week of the year, but I feel like my feet haven't hit the ground since the clock ticked over into the new year!

2013 has been contemplated, mulled over, written about, and packaged up ready for this exciting new year to begin.  I do love the very beginning of a new year.  So much potential.  Potential for doing things differently.  To learn from the mistakes of the year that has finished, and to rejoice in the things we may have got right, making sure there is room for more of the same.

I feel like I've jumped in boots and all into this new year.  I have so many exciting plans, small, but exciting!!  Plans to connect with friends through creative projects, plans for puppies to join our family, plans for de-cluttering on a major scale (inspired by a blogger who gave away one item a day for 365 days!), plans for a visit to a yoga retreat with a buddy, plans to finish lots of projects, plans to renovate a room, plans, plans, plans ...

What about you?  Do you have exciting plans for the year ahead?  Are you already on your way with them?  And I know I'm a bit late with this but I wish you a fabulous 2014!!


Photos :  Stained Glass Windows from our local Hall.


  1. Its funny how a new year just seems full of possibilities! I love the stained glass, it is beautiful!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Hi - I do have plans. Really exciting plans for me! I am moving back home to Wales to live amongst the mountains in a 300 year old farmhouse on a sheep farm. I am so excited I can hardly contain it. I have lived away in a city for 20 years and have been terribly homesick. I have almost everything packed and am just waiting for the moving date. Good luck with your plans. They sound really fun especially the puppy bit. xxx

  3. Hi Trudy happy new year! It sounds like a positive start for you. I'm trying to think what my plans are! At the moment all I'm thinking about is how to gradually work my way towards integrating some things in the loft into our lives. Boxes and photos and such like. I think some treasure lies there you see. I want everything in our lives to be part of our lives! if you know what i mean! Good luck with all your plans, Heather x

  4. ..Happy new year Trude', even if it is nearly february, who cares...HAPPY NEW YEAR....XX

  5. I will be in line if ever de-clutter one of those beautiful quilts you make....lol


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