28 December 2013

Happily Pinterest-ing Along

Have I mentioned to you before how much I love Pinterest?  How I love collecting amazing and beautiful images?  Yes I have.  I know this, but sometimes things just have to be said over again.  I don't have oodles and oodles of images, but the ones I do have I just adore and I can lose myself in!!  Thought I might share a few recent favourites with you.

I'd like to invite you over.  No need to give you an exact address.  We're the last house down the unmade road, over the slight rise and then beyond the old shed with the fallen in roof.  Park at the gate and walk up to the side door.  Excuse the squeak (must get that seen to).  Sorry there's no path, but the weather hasn't been too bad lately so there shouldn't be much mud about.  You could bring your gumboots, if you like.  No harm in throwing them in the back.

Do come inside.  Oh, you've brought homemade jam?  How gorgeous of you!  Raspberry, my favourite.  Do sit down, you must be a bit weary.  Hopefully the cushions make that hard little seat a bit more comfortable.  Sugar in your tea?

Which cup?  Do you have a preference?  I rather like these little mustard flowery ones, but do choose.  I think it's rather important to have just the right cup, don't you?  Now, you said yes to sugar?

If you don't feel like the long drive home I've set up the spare room for you, just in case.  It has a lovely outlook.  I'll just grab that basket of wool out of your way.  You'd like to do some granny squares?  Yes, that's fine, brilliant in fact.  I'll put the jug on again and we can settle into some happy playing with wool.

Thanks for visiting!  Come any time.  I'm always here!!

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  1. Oh yes that room does look very inviting and I'd love those socks too! Cx

  2. Have so loved reading your story Trudy......can I suggest one change?
    I'm pretty sure that house would have a lovely wood burning stove in the kitchen, so they would need to stoke the fire and put the kettle on........You painted such a wonderful picture.
    Love those socks, just gorgeous, you've found some lovely images on Pinterest.....
    I have an account but know if I go there I'll get lost and never find my way out I'm sure, hehe.

    Claire Xx

  3. Beautiful pictures! Happy Nesw Year!

  4. Ahh! What a delight. If only. It is so easy to get lost in the dreamworld of Pinterest. Now just to knit me up some of those socks from that basket of wool.

  5. Oh they are beautiful...yes could get lost in thought with Pinterest too....now to actually follow through on some of my pins
    Happy New Year to you.

  6. ..Hi there Trudy my friend....oh yes yes yes i do love a bit of pinning myself ( as you probably know), i love your choice of photos here too, just fabby.......i could spend ( no waste) so much time simply pinning, so i have to restrict myself to pinning times, (like when im doing the dinner), LOVE TO PIN....Happy new year by the way......xxxx


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