23 January 2014

Postcards from Sydney

We've been Sydneysiders for a week!  It was to be a relaxing break away from the routine, but turned into a mad frenzy of seeing and doing all that Sydney has to offer.  We walked the coastal route from Bronte (above) to the world-famous Bondi Beach (below).

We saw a magic show at the Opera House (my youngest is a magician-in-the-making).

There was the *first to spot the Bridge* game whenever we were on a train, bus or ferry.

The Sydney Festival was on so we had the opportunity of going to a couple of shows, we went to the movies, markets and galleries.  It was a buzz of excitement and a fabulous way to end the school holidays.

It is always so inspiring to travel, to soak up new surroundings, to go to galleries and marvel at the artworks, to sample different food and then it's fabulous to flop in the pool at the end of each long, tiring but enjoyable day.

Now it's all systems *go* to prepare two girls for their school year ahead.

Enjoy your day.


  1. I haven't been in Sydney ... yet. ;-) However, it's o far away ....

  2. Great photos and I've just enjoyed popping into some of your posts whilst enjoying my mid-morning cuppa! Especially love your quilts and crochet blankets. Enjoy Sydney.

  3. Glad to you hear your trip was full of adventure, it is fun when you visit new places. Will the upcoming magician pass on any of their secrets? Sydney is a lovely place to visit, but it is always nice to come home! Please share some more of this trips photos, how far was the walk? Did you walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge....

  4. Looks like a great holiday ... I'm almost sad to think that Sydney is a place I doubt I'll ever see.

  5. What a great little journey and explore....hope school start was smooth. xx


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