18 October 2013

The Great Room Juggle

There has been a juggling of rooms at No. 16.  Girl 1 and Girl 2 thought it would be really, really special (in fact, awesome) to have their own bedrooms now that they are thirteen and eleven, and to decorate their rooms themselves.  So off we went to make it happen.  Not an easy task.  Not an overnight change, but indeed weeks and weeks in the making.

As a result, we now have a very green room.   

And we have a very pink room. 

To say the girls have enjoyed decorating their rooms is an understatement.  They've had an absolute ball.  We even had a shopping trip to Ikea during the holidays to pick up some bits and bobs to complete their rooms.  The most amazing outcome has been the constant tidying and vacuuming of their rooms!!!  Witness the Happy Mum doing the Happy Dance!!

And I've packed up my *make and do room* and gone into their old bedroom and now need to start all over again with making a room look like a creative space and not a bedroom.  It was rather nice to relocate my special books.

To hang a special little piece of mine next to two little girls who were left behind as a reminder of whose room it once was.

To finally hang an old school map that has lived under a bed for at least a year or more (or even more?) waiting for the perfect place to hang it.  And to turn an ordinary, everyday bed into a day bed.  A place to think, dream or drift off when the sun shines through the window.

But what I still have to do is deal with all the things that don't fit anywhere yet.  Yikes, I need a magic cupboard!  One that looks like a normal sized cupboard on the outside but has unlimited space inside, because just look at what I'm still dealing with here.  I need to de-clutter.  I need to let go.  I need to let go.  I need to let go!

But the important things have been done.  My baskets of crochet squares and unfinished blankets are looking very pretty!!

It's a skill to be able to focus on the tiny details and block out the major mess surrounding those tiny, perfectly ordered details!!  A skill I have in very limited amount.  Any storage hints and tips gratefully accepted.

Have a fabulous day and a wonderful weekend.


  1. Im so glad glad you're back Trudy :)
    Ive missed you!!
    I love both colors in the girls rooms...
    Your crochet is so beautiful, I just learned to crochet this past summer...
    You have your work cut out for you in your craft room but once it's done it will be gorgeous!!!!!
    Have a great weekend!!
    Tammy xx

  2. Hello Trudy.....Congratulations on your girls' choices.....green is my very favourite but pink is gorgeous too!!! the glimpses you have given here of the bedrooms gives me the impression that they are super nice :-) As for your craft room...it looks quite spacious compared to mine and it looks tidy too......mine is a total mess and I am ashamed to display photos of it on my blog !! I have thoroughly enjoyed this cherry post of yours. I feel the changeover decor itch coming on LOL!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. ok....just put my glasses on and it should be cheery not cherry post :-)

      A xx

  3. I like challenges like this! Just think how great you'll feel when that clutter is sorted out and your work room is looking pretty. How fab to have a space for all your crafty things, too - mine are stashed all over the house. Love that map, by the way. X

  4. I'll come over and help, in a really decluttering mood at the moment! Their rooms look fab and I'm swooning over the crochet! :) x

  5. I'm looking forward to the day we start our big reno because my girls have no choice but to share, but at this stage they are still happy. I can just imagine the fun that was had in bringing their own special spaces together. I really love the mess it's just like my place, stuff everywhere. He..he..he.. What we all need is a Tardis. Most importantly is that the craft books have a home.

  6. phew, major change around. Actually my favourite thing to do! love the pink and the green rooms, and you managed to find some lovely things there to compliment. So nice they are looking after them well. And you have a new room, how exciting. I like your big desk. I expect it's all crafty clutter, quite difficult let go of! I have decided to just let my craft room be full. It's only one room and it's all my stuff. In fact I recently went around the house and moved all my crafty stuff in there! Now all I have to remember to do is go in there and connect with it! enjoy finding old treasures, Heather x

  7. Hey Trudi....Brave girl...changing rooms etc! I do like the green..as for the clutter it feels so good when you let some of it go....go on you can do it i know you can.....deep breath!
    bestestdasy j x

  8. I love going through other people's houses. Thank you for the tour! :-)

  9. What fun creating your own crafting space - I have half a computer room - that the family uses. Your girls rooms look good.

  10. New rooms look lovely and the start of your space is grand...it is always the last bits that are hardest to fit away somewhere....good luck . xx

  11. I need one of those Tardis like cupboards too ... can we have a link please if you manage to source one ;)

    Seriously, I had to get rid of a ton of stuff when I moved into my tiny studio, and be very inventive with ways to store the rest of it ... pretty bags hanging from hooks on the wall have been a godsend :)

  12. Hey Trudy, I think all crafters would like a magic cupboard!! Let me know if you find any for sale please.....
    I remember that new bedroom feeling too, wanting to keep it clean and tidy and looking lovely........exciting times as a child.
    Have fun sorting through your bits and pieces and nice to have a place for your special books, I hope you feel inspired to continue on with some of your UFO's.......

    CLaire x

  13. How amazing to have a making room of your own. I would so love that. I thought when we cleared the desktop computer and moved some things around that the Hubby was going to take the old desk and desktop to his bedroom. (Yes we sleep in separate bedrooms, makes for happiness in our household. *smile* ). Anyway that hasn't happened. I love that you kept some things of the girls. What a wonderful room that will be.


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