11 October 2013

A Wee Zebra Came to Stay

Yes it did.  Look at her.  Isn't she just gorgeous?  It was love at first sight for me.  And I think the feeling might be mutual, I'm not sure.  She's very shy, doesn't say much, and likes hanging out with me ... what can I say?  Perfect match really!! 

It's a piece by Sophie Digard.  You've heard of her, right?  Amazingly talented Parisian knit wear designer, and colourist who makes swoon-worthy items.  I almost hyper-ventilate when I see any of her creations.  Her colours are simply stunning.  Her work is amazing.  And actually, truth beknown, I just want to eat it all up.  So to think I could invite this wee zebra to hang out with me, how could I not?  My-oh-my I couldn't walk away from her, and that's how she came to stay at our house.  Do you need a closer look at those teeny tiny crochet stitches and beautiful colours?

Of course that band of velvet teal right next to the mustard won me over in a second.  My favourist, bestest colours of all time!!  One more peek?

Okay, enough already ... just wanted to share.
What's making you happy today?

Zebra adopted from L'uccello during the Open Studios evening at the Nicholas Building, Melbourne.
Encouraged to come home with me by my cous', not that I needed much encouragement at all!!


  1. Oh Trudy.....how wonderful to own a piece of 'digard' art....i love her work so talented, that lady certaintly can crochet.......when i went to the 'Selvedge' fair last year there was a stall of her work there, mostly scarves...with a three figure price tag attached, so a bit too much for my wee pockets.......but such a joy to see and an inspiration, i very nearly bought bought one of her little brooches but even they were thirtly quid each............lucky lucky you, i can feel the joy you are experiencing.........hugs P X

  2. Can you belive that a school blook can make you happy? I mean really happy for a long time? I've been so happy for about three weeks now that I had to write a blog post about it. http://babajeza.wordpress.com/2013/10/12/textilart/

  3. I have Zebra envy! How perfect your new friend is :)

  4. Isn't it wonderful to have a little piece of someone's art .....to appreciate and enjoy it.
    Sophie's work is amazing, enjoy your sweet, little Zebra Trudy.

    Claire x


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