22 October 2013

Shoe Dilemma

At the bottom of my wardrobe I keep all my shoes in shoe boxes.  Makes sense, right?  I thought I knew what was in every box (there isn't many) but recently I needed to remind myself because we went to a wedding and I needed *shoes*.

To my horror and dismay one box was empty and three pairs of shoes no longer fit.  Yes, three pairs!  Do you know what happens to your feet as you get older?  Have you heard?  They get wider.  Brilliant.  That it should happen just now ...

So my not-so-amazing shoe collection is *kapow* just like that, three pairs of shoes down.  This is not good.  And what I'm left with is work shoes, runners (which hardly see the light of day), slippers, boots, jazz shoes (I still have my jazz shoes?! from that time in my far away past when I went to jazz classes, which was at least a million years ago), my *always got a pair of red* shoes and summer Birkenstocks.  Not a dress shoe in sight.

I confess, while I adore this type of shoe ...

A part of me is mourning the loss of this particular pair of shoes ...

Check out those heels.  Heels use to be an everyday affair.  Heels and short skirts and off to work I'd go!!  Anyway, enough with the shoes, we went to a wedding;  you wanna see the bride and groom?  My gorgeous nephew and his beautiful wife.

Wedding Part I - Melbourne, Part II - Hanoi, and yes, we're going!!  There will be stories to tell, soon, not just yet.

Happy day!


  1. Hi Trudy, yes i'm with you on the flat shoes. The first pair are actually very sweet. High heels for me are over now after braking my ankle three years ago. My shoes have to be really comfortable and slip proof! I wasn't wearing high heels at the time. Also I don't have the elegant ankles to go with them! but i do occasionally look mournfully at the 'pretty' shoes too! Heather x

  2. ...I think you should wear the Jazz shoes .......... simply because you have a pair ;)

  3. Hanoi, that will be an amazing experience, enjoy it. The newly weds look so happy.......♥
    Shoes, hmmm, you get to an age and somehow find yourself browsing for shoes at the back of the shoe shop where the 'comfortable' shoes are displayed. How does that happen?........

    Claire x

  4. Wow doesn't J look so much like M it's not funny. I am sure you all will have fun at Wedding part 2 even if it will be a big affair.

  5. Wow two part wedding...sounds fun...even more excuse to buy shoes. xxx


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