17 February 2013


She thought she was doing really well juggling everything until someone started throwing her more balls, which then planted the seed to run away to the circus.


  1. Oh, I am so pleased that She is back. But does that mean that you are juggling too many balls? Hope you have enough time for you.

  2. Oh dear, this doesn't sound too good Trudy......hope you manage to juggle everything.
    Maybe it's time to delegate a few more things.
    Seriously circus life isn't all it's cracked up to be.......caravans can only hold so much of your fabric stash!!
    Don't be too hard on yourself I'm sure you'll get there in time....

    Claire X

  3. What a lovely metaphor. Don't we want to run away now and then? I hope you are fine and content. Wish you a nice Sunday. Regula

  4. I wish I could do that too sometimes... I think you need some assistance...

  5. oh my goodness! take your family and crafts with you! Heather x

  6. Oh I hope you are doing Ok????

  7. I can help her carry her bags if she wants......yes sometimes there are far too many balls! :) x

  8. Ha! Oh Trudy...hope things are ok. Is it a circus where we can sit around all day a knit and sew and drink tea? If so, I'm coming too.

    Gillian x

    1. Now that would be my kind of circus!

      Take care Trudy x


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