10 February 2013

A Lovely Surprise

This working business is wearying.  I'm needing to do things differently, to fit everything in.  There is organising and planning to be done before I start each day.  More time driving in the car, so we all have to be on time in the mornings.  Girl 1 is making all the lunches.  Girl 2 is sacrificing a little bit of her much-loved sleep to be ready for school 15 minutes earlier.  And we're getting into a new routine.  Working on Sundays is hard, hubby is doing the very early shift, then I'm taking over the morning to mid-afternoon one.
It will all become easier I know.  Our busy timetable will soon be etched into our minds and not just scrawled onto a big piece of butcher's paper hanging on the kitchen wall.  Today I got such a lovely surprise when I arrived home from work.  I walked into our house to find our two gorgeous girls all dressed up, and I was led to the dining room table.  They had prepared a banquet for afternoon tea!!
The table had been set so beautifully.  There were candles glowing, pretty plates and favourite glasses and lots and lots of roses from the garden.  Bowls of fruit and bowls of chocolates.  It was very decadent indeed, for a Sunday afternoon in summer, but oh so welcome.  We toasted everything we could think of until it got silly.

A scrumptious Orange Ring Cake had been made by my girls, my Mum's recipe, and a favourite of ours  It had lashings of chocolate icing, cherries and tiny Easter eggs on top!  There is always a surprise element to cake decorating practices in this house.

It was such a perfect welcome home from work, which lead to a lazy, fully content afternoon of magazine reading and cups of tea, with just a few *domestic goddess* duties thrown in and not much thought of the week ahead.

Feeling twice and thrice times blessed, and then some.
Wishing you all a lovely week.


  1. How lovely to be received home in such a splendid manner - afternoon tea with the girls. Are they up for adoption ?? Keep up the great work girls

  2. What beautiful daughters you have, and what a treat they prepared for you :D

  3. What a beautiful celebration of family that was...such precious girls you have. xx

  4. What talented and thoughtful girls you have, you must be very proud of them!(If you ever tire of them please send them to me!!!)
    Angie x

  5. How lovely! This is perfect, what a lovely idea, and what lovely girls you have raised.

    Gillian x

  6. Your girls are beautiful and what a wonderful thing to do. Hope you have lots of wonderful moments this week!

  7. It is the unexpected little pleasures like this, that show just how much the girls do appreciate you. So glad you enjoyed it.

  8. hi Trudy,
    I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. More details on my last post.
    Rosie x

  9. Whats stars! the cake looks really scrum my!

  10. Oh I bet that made your heart skip a beat Trudy.....think I would've been a bit teary too.
    What a lovely gesture by the girls, so thoughtful......
    Toasting everything till it gets silly, sounds like alot of fun, I bet there was a lot of laughter too.
    Beautiful pic of them.....
    Hope you all settle into the new routine quickly.........

    Claire :}

  11. What gorgeous and thoughful young ladies. So nice to be thought of and pampered. Routines are hard but you seem to be getting into it. Have a wonderful week.


  12. How lovely to come home to this treat! It all looked lovely, great pictures! clever girls! I'm sure your new routine will make a difference to your day. Good luck with it all, Heather x

  13. I can see it all...now...

  14. What wonderful girls you have - and to think they did it all as a surprise x

  15. Lovely - what fantastic girls! And a big thank you for your previous post - super inspiring! Maggie x


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