16 February 2012

Cathy Cullis

A happy mail delivery today, the bills were put to one side, unopened while I opened a little package which had winged its way from the United Kingdom from one of my favourite mixed media artists, Cathy Cullis.  A brooch titled 'Dreamer Portrait Brooch with Blue', how gorgeous!

Cathy creates beautifully intricate embroidery artworks, using free motion machine stitching, and her blog states that her work is inspired by a love of art history and folk art.  This brooch is about 2" x 3" in size, and is lovely.  Cathy had packaged the brooch up with a hand painted thank you card and one of her postcards featuring another of her works.

Without realising it, I think I am a little bit of a brooch collector.  This is another favourite, again from a wonderfully talented artist in the U.K., Jackie Cardy.

Jackie's stunning pieces use hand rolled felt with embroidery and silk velvet.  Just  l.o.v.e. the colour of this flowery brooch!  And here's some more favourites ... who knew I had so many?!!

The butterfly brooch, front left, was made by Aussie girl Liz Jones at Betty Jo Designs who designs and creates jewellery from vintage lino and pre-loved buttons.  Cathy Oddie, another Australian, made the ceramic brooch to the right.  There are a couple of handmade ones in the mix made by yours truly - the vintage button stack, top right, glue and more glue, pretty easy, and the round, swirly, felty, stitchy one bottom left - not sure what I was thinking with those colour choices?!  Girl 1 made the brooch top left by doing three long strands of chain stitch, plaiting them and stitching them into a round shape.

But today, I'm totally stoked by the Cathy Cullis addition to my collection.  I have it pinned to my t-shirt, but am eager to wear it with my orange linen top (you know the one, loose a few kilos and it will look fabulous again?!!)

Any favourite brooch makers you want to share with one who so loves pinning one on?
Have a fabulous day.

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