23 December 2012

Crochet and Questions

What was the most important thing you learned in 2012?
I learned that life is fragile.  And although I probably knew this deep down already, this lesson was given to me once again, up close and way too personal.  Things can be taken away from us so easily so, without living in fear of this happening, we should acknowledge all that we have and be grateful and sing and dance more.

What tingled your tastebuds?
It really doesn't take much to tingle my tastebuds.  I'm such a sweet-tooth, so you name it, Sticky Date Pudding, Lemon Meringue Pie, Pear Tart.  Uh-oh, I'm feeling a dessert coming on ...

Who inspired you?
I am constantly inspired by people and places, by words and images, but the sun and the rain.  I'm inspired by the blogs I follow, by my friends, my partner, my family, my children.  I can be aimlessly wandering through a day and happen upon a picture, phrase, feeling and it can have me sketching or writing a poem or painting my toenails.  I love being inspired to do, to play, to have a go.  So, in answer to the question, not one person, but constant inspiration.  Inspiration is a favourite of mine.  To be inspired.  To feel inspired.  To act upon some found inspiration.  To hopefully inspire others.

How did you make a difference?
I pondered this question.  It was tossed around and around in my head, and I didn't come up with an answer, so I threw this question to my family.    Girl 2 said immediately "You made us happy".  Hubby said "You pulled me through".  And Girl 1, like me, shrugged.  Of course, it got me thinking that I should have made a difference.  What could I have done to make a difference ... to my life, to my family, to my friends?  I'll throw that question over to you.

What colour best represents the year you had in 2012?
I'm not a negative person, so it's never going to be black or a dark and gloomy colour.  There is always light and positivity so I'm thinking my year was blues and greens and pinks.  And if I wanted to invite a particular colour into my life it would be yellow and by that I don't mean paint the walls or to wear yellow (because that has never worked for me!), but to find more of a lightness.

How did you nourish yourself?
I'm a bit of a *soak in the bath* person.  I like to light a candle or two, pour something nice into the water, block out the day-to-day life stuff and breathe deeply.  I also did a weekly yoga class for half of the year and I've already booked in for next year.  I read a lot which is a lovely nourishing activity.  For the coming year I know that I must move more!  I think daily walks will be my aim.  You can see I'm not totally committed to this idea yet, even using the word "think", but hey, it's a start!

What was lost and what was found?
Time was lost.  Time when I didn't focus well enough and time slipped away.  Time which was wasted on television or too much internet hopping, or dithering.  So, although I can't find more time in 2013, I aim to find more focussed use of my time.  I want every moment to be filled with family and friends and creativity and peacefulness (oh, and daily walks!)

As you can see from my photos in this post, I've started a new blanket of squares!  Thanks so much for all your comments on my last post.  I read all your words of encouragement and that was all I needed to begin.  A few more colours have been added to the mix, because Girl 2 thought it needed a few more bright colours.  More pinks.  And purple.  And yellow!!  It will be a blanket of 72 squares for her bed.  And a few different patterns.  Lots of fun.



  1. These are good questions!

    And that blanket is going to be marvellous!!

  2. I'm so loving the colours in your blanket. It will be beautiful when it's finished. Your questions are great... some hard to answer though.

  3. Lovely Trudy, It's always nice to get to know more about a fellow blogger... also I do love your crocheting...

  4. Hope you have a happy Christmas, and best wishes for 2013, Joy x x

  5. Loving the squares! It's going to be a fab blanket! Have a wonderful Christmas xx

  6. Beautiful!
    Merry Christmas!
    Angie x

  7. Lovely squares Trudy......love the green and white with the pink flower.
    I've enjoyed reading your answers to the questions. I'm with you on the time issue and being more focused.
    Enjoy sone crochet time over the holidays........

    Claire x

  8. Lovely post, great questions! You've made a difference to me, you as part of this whole blogging community has helped me through some very difficult and challenging times, so thank you for that! Have a great Christmas! That crochet is looking fab! :) x

  9. Great questions, great answers. I wish you a happy 2013 (I don't like the odd years that much, but hey, next year is an exception). Bur first: Merry Christmas! Regula
    ps. I love that book with the different blocks, and I'm going to make a blanket with differnet blocks all in white as soon as the yarn I ordered two days ago arrives.

  10. The blanket will be lovely, such good colours - lucky Girl 2! Have a great Christmas and all the best for 2013.

  11. Lovely post, and I have enjoyed lots of your posts this year. I feel that although at opposite ends of the world we are similar in a lot of ways. Same age, very similar interests, and both started blogging about the same time.

    I have learned a lot this year about crafting and blogging, but more personally that it is good to be brave some times. I changed where I work, and am a lot happier than I was, which has been good for my confidence. Also realized that I am only happy if I have some creative project on the go, even if it is very small.

    Have a Happy Christmas and New Year.

  12. ...That blanket is going to be amazing, i shall look forward to seeing its progression over the coming year, and what wonderful answers to your questions, and i share the same feelings with the last question, back at the start of this year when i turned 45, time seemed even shorter, so every moment felt more precious, so i spend more time doing the things i enjoy most, than wasting it watching the telly or on the internet, though i am a bit addicted to Pinterest but i try and save my Pinning for when i am doing the dinner or waiting for my bath to run, anyway my dear bloggy friend.....have a wonderful christmas, such a shame my little gift to you didnt turn up in time, perhaps it will be a new year gift instead.
    Hugs hugs Pixie xxx

  13. a great post Trudy and that blanket looks promising! Heather x


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