13 December 2012

A Week of Reverb Questions

And a little bit of Christmas in between.

What will you take with you?
I'm going to pack my little checked suitcase and take with me into the new year of 2013 a fair dose of resolve for all the things I want to achieve, patience for when that doesn't happen as quickly as I would like, understanding and acceptance if those things don't happen at all, and a sense of adventure for the unknown.

When you can't find your Christmas tablecloth because it's packed
away due to house renovations, roll out some wallpaper!
Your most important relationship?
We are a family of four, so I have three very important relationships to continue to nurture.  With two young girls in the house, one on the brink of womanhood at the tender age of 12, our relationships are constantly ebbing and flowing.

Your favourite book?
I've blogged about this book earlier, "The Messenger" by Markus Zusak.  That book gets my vote for the year.  It teaches the value of random acts of kindness.  What was your favourite book?  Please share, as I love a good book recommendation!

Made by yours truly, requiring a heck of a lot of patience
... those antlers, grrr.
Your greatest risk?
I'm not sure if this rates very highly, but to me it was a risk, and that was scaling the side of a mountain in Tasmania, holding on with chains and attempting to overcome my fear of heights, of falling, of being hurt.  The outcome of this was that I realised I don't want to miss out on things anymore because of my fears as I may not be given that chance again.  Stand well back, this little chicken is about to jump in, boots and all!!
Santa's Reindeer, Aggie ... what, you haven't heard of her?
What was music to your ears?
A particular phone call, telling me that everything was going to be okay.  My daughter's name being called out to say she was the winner and watching her in her special moment.  My own hands clapping as I watched my daughters dance, sing, play music.

You most intense emotions?
Sheesh, these questions are fair taking the stuffing out of me!!  I can't think beyond last days of school, end-of-year functions, parties, wrapping, posting cards let alone verbalise intense emotions!!  I'm going to handball that one over to you, if you want ...

Some Selfie Love ... favourite picture of yourself from this year?
Uh-oh, here we go again with a photo of me.  You know I'm not particularly comfortable with this, don't you?  But ... a couple of weeks ago we headed to the beach with a picnic tea and the camera, and lots of photos were taken.  I had fun playing around with this one, taken by hubby, wrinkles, freckles and all!!

Have you started reflecting of your year yet or is the busyness of the season taking over?


  1. Trudy, Your greatest risk is one of the biggest risks anyone can take... facing their fears! Well done for doing it! Takes a lot of guts! Love all the little christmas piccies :)

  2. You look so organised and ready for Christmas Trudy! Love your wallpaper tablecloth, I never would have thought of that - I'd have gone to John Lewis and bought another one! Any excuse!
    Is the dog yours?
    Angie x

    1. Had to be organised for our extended family Christmas function last weekend! Yes, the pooch is ours ... my first baby, she's almost 14 : -)

  3. Trudy, this was a gorgeous blog...
    You actually climbed a mountain? Wow.
    And fear... I just added a wonderful quote I read the other day to my email, and it looks like you and I can completely agree that it's a great quote, here it is...
    "Face your fears. That's how you conquer them. Don't dismiss them; face them. Say, "Here's what I'm afraid of. I wonder what I could do to change that."" -- Jim Rohn
    Much love,

  4. Hi Trudy, a great post, love the picture of you! I'm sure there will be some good things for you in 2013! Heather x

  5. That is such a lovely selfie ....and I am off the check that book out....sounds like a great holiday read. xx

  6. That picture of you is beautiful.

    I like these reverb posts, there is lots to think about. I am feeling reflective as we had a death in the family a few days ago and these things always make one thoughtful...I am digging deep for my festive cheer right now. x

  7. Great post Trudy! Your picture is fab! :)

  8. Liking the pic of you :D

    My book of 2012 Into the West, a biography of the poet R.S. Thomas ... I mentioned it on my blog a few weeks back and a couple of my readers have since enjoyed it immensely.

  9. found you through #reverb12
    my favourite book I read this last year was the fault in our stars by john green. second favourite was the dovekeepers.

    I think the photo of you is lovely.


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