17 October 2012

Home Again, Home Again

Did you just say "Jiggedy-Jigg" in your head?!!  You DID, didn't you?!!  We're home and have had a fabulously wonderful time away in Tasmania.  We stopped a night in Launceston, which is a really beautiful city filled-to-bursting with Victorian architecture. 

There is a part of me that is Tasmanian.  I can't deny it, it has my heart.  My ancestors settled in northern Tasmania from England and I feel a pull every time I go there.  There is a little town, just west of Launceston, called Westbury, which has a village green, where my maternal Grandmother was born.  And look what I spied, on the village green.  A house, for sale.  Truth be known, I had already found this house on the internet (just a tortured little hobby of mine - to find gorgeous real estate for sale in places I simply can't pack up and go to, let alone afford!!)
But what I didn't know is that it's right next door to the church where my great, great grandparents were married on Christmas Eve, 1860.
The post-holiday wearies are setting in.  I think I'm going to have to love you and leave you here, while I take my tired bod off to bed and dream about beautiful old houses on the village green in Westbury, where I could lay in bed listening to the bells of St. Andrews next door ...
'night.  Seeya tomorrow : -)


  1. Hi Trudy, glad your back. The house sounds like it's mean't for you! are you sure you can't untether and be in another place? just wondering.....Heather x

  2. Welcome back! Sleep well.... and dream of old houses!
    Angie x

  3. SEEMS to me that destiny has you in its grip....now I'd say it SEEMS to me that something SEEMS to be telling you that you need to go back there !!! What I'd give to live in that lovely little house and right beside that impressive church....I'm such a country girl at heart. Funny!!! but my sister was born in Westbury but in the UK....thats in Whiltshire and people born there are called Moonrakers because of the legend. I wonder if your grandparents were Moonrakers?

    Great photos.

  4. Yes I did say, "Jiggedy Jig". Lovely photos and the house looks so sweet. Sleep well. Glad to have you back.


  5. Me too, yes I said it! Looks like a fantastic place! Ada :)

  6. Yes I did, I said jiggedy jig too... How amazing to get that feeling of history and roots from a place far away - no wonder you feel a tug when you visit it.

    I also indulge in property wishful thinking and like to torture myself by looking at properties we could NEVER afford in places I would love to live in. I think everyone does it, secretly...


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